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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fitness Variety

I do a good number of push-ups in my fitness regime.  You can do them virtually anywhere, any time and they don't cost you a dime at a gym.

But they can be a bit boring.

I found this site (The Art of Manliness), which demonstrates a number of push-up variations.  I already do some of the more "standard" versions, but will introduce a number of the other styles into my routine.

Oh, and no, I won't be doing these anytime soon!

Accept The Challenge

We all know that we need to stay in shape.  It's easy, though, to find an excuse - too busy, usually - to drop or cut back on exercise.  I have found that buy adding variety, I'm more likely to stay on-track.

Mix it up some!  Do cardio one day, strength the next, and agility after that (I like yoga, personally).  Do them out of order - perhaps drawing "the exercise of the day" out of a bucket with everything you want to do each week written down on daily reminder sheets.

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theotherryan said...

If you want to get nuts with body weight stuff go to the website "beast skills".

Chief Instructor said...

LOL! "The no handed, one arm chin-up". That guy is nuts!

And then collapse to the ground and massage your wrist.

At least he's honest!

Shy Wolf said...

Exercise! ISH- I agree with Jack LaLane: never did like it but it's the only way to stay in shape.
For me, winter is usually the season to begin the exercise regime and it does include a lot of pushups. My favorite has always been the burpee-pushup. In the days when I was young and dumb (and in really good shape) doing handstand pushups were fun and really good for impressing the ladies at parties.
Now it's almost all I can do to pound out fifty standards, and adding a vest sure is a killer now!
(You're making me sweat just thinking of it. Dang, Chief!)

Chief Instructor said...

My usual routine is to do 4 sets of 25 push-ups with 4 sets of light dumb bell work on biceps, triceps and shoulder presses.

I need to re-introduce doing burpees - they're great for keeping flexible and they get the blood pumping.

I've never given the handstand push ups a try. I'd be too afraid of doing a face-plant!