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Friday, January 8, 2010

Physical Stamina

It has been a hectic couple of days, and will continue through this weekend.  I'm going to "cheat" and post the latest installment from our weekly Personal Safety Newsletter.

Physical Stamina For Self-Defense

Note:  Before starting any exercise routine, be sure you're physically able to perform the work-out.  If you have any doubts whatsoever, first check with your doctor.

It's the new year, and I'm sure the last thing you need to hear is one more person getting on your back about staying fit.  Maybe losing a couple of pounds.  Perhaps giving up smoking.

Sorry, I'm going to do it anyways!

On our website, at the very top of our home page, we have a link to a page called, Unsure you need training?  Give it a click and take a look.

The page is about taking personal responsibility for your safety, but in it, I ask readers to take a little test.  A physical fitness test.

Here's something I want you to do as long as you don't have some sort of medical condition that prevents it.

Get a kitchen timer, and set it to 4 minutes.  Push the button and do a non-stop exercise that uses your upper body - push ups, pull ups, sit ups.  Do them as fast as you can for the entire 4 minutes.  Non-stop, not slowing even for a moment.

The purpose of the test is to demonstrate - best case - how long it can take for a 911 Emergency call to get a response.

But it will also demonstrate how difficult it can be to do a strenuous physical activity - such as defending yourself - for a relatively short period of time.

It all boils down to two items:  Strength and Cardio.  A very good exercise that can help with both items with the same exercise are burpies.

They involve a squat-push up-jump routine.  Here's a quick YouTube video demonstrating the technique.

You are building strength in your upper body, legs and torso.  The jump also incorporates a type of exercise called plyometrics - generally speaking, these are jumping exercises that really get your heart rate going!  A side-benefit is increased flexibility, as you are using your entire body in this exercise.

If you're a bit out of shape, start slowly and build up your repetitions. 

Doing light workouts with dumb-bells also helps to keep arms and shoulders - the primary muscles you'll use in a self-defense situation - in "fighting shape".  The same goes for good old push-ups all by themselves.

These exercises can be done on your family room floor - no need to join a gym.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going OK in your neck of the woods.

Chief Instructor said...

Things are going well, just busy. Haven't had a chance to stop by and say hello to anyone in a while. Hopefully later this evening. Hope all is well!