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Monday, January 18, 2010

NRA: Leave Us High and Dry. Again.

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago ("Time to push back") about the kid in Willows, California who was expelled for having a shotgun in the trunk of his vehicle - off campus.  The school says it's power to exert authority over its students is all encompassing - from the second they leave their door until they return home in the evening.

Excuse me, but that's bulls*#t.

A school board meeting was scheduled for last Friday, January 15th.  The NRA and the CRPA were providing legal support to the kid to fight this injustice.

I got all riled up, and in the post, I encouraged readers to "fight the good fight," make a donation and show up to the school board to show support for this kid.  I even mentioned that I was going to attend the hearing even though it is about 2 hours away.

I then noticed something.  Leading up to the NRA press release that inspired my post, I had received a number of emails from them about this kid.

Suddenly, once the hearing date was set and the NRA has a big-gun lawyer lined up, things go silent.  Last Wednesday, I wrote the NRA state organization (the CRPA) to ask if the hearing was still scheduled for Friday.  There was nothing on the CRPA site.  Nothing on the NRA site.  No response to the email.

So I didn't go.

On Saturday and Sunday, I did Google searches to see if anything had happened.  Nothing.  Finally, this morning, I found an article.  It seems that the hearing was rescheduled.
On Tuesday (1/19/10), the Glenn County Board of Education will hear an appeal in Tudesko's case, with local supporters and out-of-town activists expected to attend.
Even today, the CPRA website shows the hearing being scheduled for last Friday.  The link on the home page shows the same.  The NRA site only has a video interviewing the attorney handling the case.

How can they expect Second Amendment supporters to show their support when they give us bad information and don't keep us updated on new developments?

This case is incredibly important not only to Californians, but to all 2A supporters.  If this is allowed to stand, it will set a precedent for ALL schools to impose their will outside of school grounds.

I was willing to "burn" half of a day to drive there and back to show my support.  But I was left high and dry by these organizations.  AGAIN.

It is one of the reasons I've dropped my membership to the CRPA.  They talk a good game but they pull crap like this all the time.  They're too worried about the latest fund raiser.  They whip you up into a frenzy, then don't follow through.

The NRA had better address this - in a big way - or I may soon take all of my financial and personal support over to the GOA.  They, at least, seem to have a spine and the courtesy to follow through on their promises.

Accept The Challenge

I'm going to write both the CRPA and the NRA - again - this time to find out why they failed to let people know the information that they had distributed had changed, yet they failed to notify us of the change.

I request each of you do the same.

CRPA:  Click here.
NRA:  Click here.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go! I like this site. So much so that I started my own blog:

Joseph said...

If your readership is high enough you might want to forward a link to this post, along with your last google analytics and explain how your readership tends to be pretty 'focused' on gun rights.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, thanks - I'll give your site a look-see.

Joseph, excellent idea. I have been burned by these two organizations too many times. That little voice in my head was telling me that something had changed - quite simply because they both suddenly shut up right before the meeting date. I wasn't getting the rah-rah emails like the first one, asking for money.