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Monday, January 15, 2018

Your Own Personal "Shithole" Country Test

NEWS FLASH!!  HOT STOCK TIP!! Buy stock in Victoria's Secret, Fruit-Of-The-Loom and Jockey, because there are so many panties bunched up into wads, they're all going to need to be replaced.

The latest wadding occurred when President Trump ALLEGEDLY made comments about stopping the flow of dollars to, and people from "shithole" countries.

Although the source of these alleged comments was the lying piece of crap, Sen. Dick-head Durbin, let's assume every word The Dick Head says Trump uttered was correct.

What's the definition of a Shithole country?  I'm here to help, and it's really, really easy.  Here we go, kids:

Answer me this:  Would you and your spouse pay for a vacation to this country with your pre-teen boy and girl children or grandchildren,  where you would all freely visit 80% of the country (every country has shitholes in it) day or night?

If you answered yes, it's not a shithole.  If you answered no, it IS a shithole.

Easy, right?  Put your money where your mouth is, or STFU.

Of course, the Leftist Press flipped this into a racist comment.  Even from the most Trump-despising "reporting", I saw not a single mention of anyone's race or color.  Just that he said or implied that certain countries sucked ass.  Somehow, when talking about countries, the actual meaning is racism.  WTF?

Typical of them to infer what Trump actually meant without him even saying it.

The one that kills me is Haiti.  Clearly a shithole, has been for, well, forever.  But, on that same rock - Hispaniola - is the Dominican Republic.  The per capita GDP for Haiti is around $1,800.  For the Dominican Republic - remember, it's on the same rock - the per capita GDP is a bit over $17,000 - more than a 9-fold greater economic force.

Same damned rock, one country is a shithole, the other is not.  Trump must be employing reverse-racism with regards to the Dominican Republic.  HATER!!!

Even Haiti's also-mentioned shithole brother, El Salvador has a higher per capita GDP at $4,700.  It is THE BEST at something, though:  It has the highest murder rate in Central America at 108.69 per 100,000 citizens (the US is a laggard at 4.88 per 100K).  Wanna go to Central America?  Go to Panama, with a per capita GDP of $13,600 and the lowest murder rate in the region at 11.38/100K

It's all about choices.  We owe these shithole countries nothing.  Not money, time, citizenship or anything.  Our own country has enough actual ills where that money - our money - would be better spent.

Xenophobic, racist, "small tent", hater, bigot - call me whatever you'd like.  I couldn't give a rabbit turd about what I'm called.  As much as the liberals would have you believe otherwise, we're not made of money.  Look to our deficit for proof.

These shithole countries - if they want to change their designation - need to look to their prosperous, self-sufficient neighbors, and follow their example.  Our charity leads to an unmotivated populous, which perpetuates their poverty.

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Jeff Z said...

The Haitian Bureau of Tourism begs to differ...

Looks beautiful.

Chief Instructor said...

Indeed, the website does look beautiful.

One little problem: The most recent update to the site was 2 years ago - most were 4 years or older. Even their Chamber of Commerce won't pimp their shithole!

Enjoy your trip. Remember to bring your wife and little kids!