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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Scam of Licensing and Permits

I'm in the process of making a number of instructional videos with my new Nevada company.  I've been playing around with the video editing software, and decided it was time to come out.

From behind the keyboard, ya pervs!

On occasion, I will likely do a video entry here instead of typing it out.  Below is the first installment.

Gimme some feedback.  Ya like it?  Does it suck?  Should I hire a hot spokes-model to do the yapping?  (Say 'yes' to that, and I swear I'll flash my man-boobs at ya.  Neither of us wants to go there, trust me).

I'm going to work on the back drop a bit.  A sheet over my office windows doesn't exude a lot of confidence and professionalism, so there's that.....

I'll use some of the cooler technical stuff in later editions, but this is what you've got right out of the chute.

Have at it...

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RHT447 said...

Well done sir. Bully to having a face and a voice to go with the words. If nothing else, it is most refreshing to listen to someone who can make cogent, reasoned arguments while speaking in complete sentences. Yeah, probably should lose the sheet. Something done outdoors with that mountain back drop might be an idea. Rock on.

Thought you might enjoy this---

Commercial —

Making of —

Chief Instructor said...

Hmmm. The Sierras as a backdrop is a hell of an idea. I've got to think of a way to incorporate that view.

Those TX videos are awesome. The "how they made it" video, was great. The B-17 pilot sure likes taking it low!

RHT447 said...

B-17s are a topic near and dear to my heart. My dad was a B-17 pilot and flew 35 combat mission over Fortress Europe with this group---

(Yeah. Guess where I get my screen name.)

Cheri Wilson said...

great video! raise the production value? sure, depending on your goals. to simply impart knowledge less can be more. no wild and crazy 30 second intro full of pyrotechnics etc... the beautiful bikini clad spokeswoman? yeah, maybe that!
I have for years directed folks to your written wisdom. I believe video can be a powerful addition to that pursuit. your quick edits between major points, keep 'em. this time and place thrives on speed and short attention spans. be quick like this last video, good stuff.
watch your 6 and peace to you brother!

Cheri Wilson said...

chief instructor! just realized my above comment is under my wife's email. at the moment cant figure out to change . on second thought she is much nicer to look at than me so will probably leave that alone. she is in agreement with your views so all good. BTW my name is mike,


Chief Instructor said...

Mike/Cheri, thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I've got some screens and stuff being delivered at the end of next week, so I hope to be doing the videos again shortly.

It's been a psycho month, I'll tell ya that!