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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rants and Raves

Happy Mother's Day, ya mothers......

Huh.  As I write this, our power is out for some reason.  It's the first "real world" test of the UPS (uninterrupted power source - battery back-up) system I installed.  So far, so good.  I have provided power to my internet connection and to my video surveillance system, and everything is working as planned.  Our security system has it's own back-up power source (4 days), so I'm good there.

Yeah, I'm a paranoid sumbitch.....

I supposedly have power for 2+ hours.  My primary reasoning was to give enough juice to my surveillance cameras/NDVR to still capture video of bad guys that cut our power, and to keep my internet connect alive so I can still do some work (my main home work computer is a laptop with an extra-large battery).

This outage is supposed to last for almost 5 hours (per the email I received because I could still access the internet, ThankYouVeryMuch....), so it looks like I'll get to test the bounds of the system.

Power update:  It lasted 3 1/2 hours.  My security back up lasted 2 1/2 hours and the network back up made it through the whole thing.  Much lower power draw than the cameras and recorder.  Might get a second battery for the cameras...

Serious as a heart attack, WTF is up with these liberals and the Comey firing?  What a bunch of whiny, duplicitous sons of bitches.  It seems as though everyone on both sides of the aisle agree the guy was a piece of political trash, but it would KILL the Libs if they said or did anything that indicated Trump made a good decision.

The implication is that by removing Comey, the sinister "Russian Investigation" will end.  Seriously, are you soft-heads THAT stupid?  Do you actually think Comey himself is out there running down leads and interviewing witnesses?  Seriously?  The actual investigators are many levels below the Director, and won't miss a beat.

This is nothing but political grandstanding, writ large, and the liberals in congress, their lackeys in the press, and their apologists in congress with an (R) next to their name, have all lost touch with the actual world.  Must be something in the DC air, I swear.

I was reading an interview of Doug Casey where they were discussing "Cultural Marxism".  I generally call this, "Identity Politics".

It's the whole idea where you are supposedly victimized or gain undue power due to things outside of your control.  Things like being a woman, or black, or white, or gay,  All things over which you have no control whatsoever.

You're judged not based upon something you've controlled - your education, abuse drugs or not, get pregnant out of wedlock or not, or work experience, or contribution to society - but based upon things you can never change, such as your skin color or race (though Senator Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren and Rachel "I identify as black" Dolezal both took a stab at it before getting caught in their lies).

What a perfect scam!  You can never be held responsible for anything in your life because your skin color, gender or sexual preference is considered a protected class.  In fact, you get extra free shit and preferences just because of this.  And remember, boys and girls (and undeclared), EVERYONE is a protected class except straight white males.

When I was a kid, THE big thing was the civil rights movement, and segregation.  Now, through some warp in the space/time continuum, all of these protected classes now  simultaneously demand the right to self-segregate into their own "safe spaces" while requiring "diversity" (unearned quotas) at work and in politics.

And they're getting it!  I'll be damned if schools, big businesses and anything in the public sector don't bend right over, take it in the butt, and say, "Thank you sir, uhm, gender-neutral poker, may I have another?!"

Remember the, "Going Medieval" scene in Pulp Fiction?  That's the Cultural Marxist's training video...

Anyways, this is all about destroying the individual.  An individual is self-reliant and acts in his own best interest.  It sounds very anti-social, but in practice, it's what has built civilizations.  As I succeed, I can hire you to help me out, and now you succeed.  You can take the fruits of your labors, and build your own life and success. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Instead, they want you to join the collective, 'cause communism has always worked out so well in the past.  Do as you're told - and NOTHING else - and you'll be fed, housed, clothed, and liquored/drugged up.

It's easy to do, so come on and join the club!  Once the soft-heads who've joined figure out that they get their freebees whether they work or not, they choose NOT.  By then, the wealth re-distributors realize that to keep the votes coming and their gravy train chugging along, they crack open the history books to see what's pacified the masses in the past.

The Romans figured this out way-back-when with the whole, Bread and Circuses gig.  Still works today -
A phrase used by a Roman writer to deplore the declining heroism of Romans after the Roman Republic ceased to exist and the Roman Empire began: “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” The government kept the Roman populace happy by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles. ( See Colosseum.) 
Note : “Bread and circuses” has become a convenient general term for government policies that seek short-term solutions to public unrest. 
The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
The free thinking, self-reliant individual is a threat to central control, and must be eliminated.

Sleep tight!

Sometimes, people make my head hurt.

Our precious metals store does a good deal of business with an eBay site.  We've been running it for the last year and a half, and are doing pretty well.  We've got over 1800 positive reviews/feedback, with a 99.8% approval rating.

Last week, it was 99.9%.  We just got our second-of-all-time negative review.  Seriously, we were shocked.

I SOOOOOO wanted to reply that we NEVER, EVER perform foreskin removal surgery on any of our coins.

Professionalism got the better of me.  We've asked eBay to remove it, as the listing didn't say we were selling uncircumcised or even uncirculated coins.

My guess is this fluffy little cupcake was raised in a household where even when he didn't read the directions or acted impulsively, and the outcome wasn't what cupcake expected, mommy and daddy kissed it and made it all better.

The only good part of this story is that cupcake WAY over-bid for the collections.  If he had read our listing, he could have simply returned the coins within 2 weeks and gotten a full refund, no questions asked.

Come on, lemme see that boo-boo lip now, cupcake!

A little chuckle for ya.....

Yeah, mine too......

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Adam said...

What about the new developments in the Seth Rich murder? I do pove the new press today that Trump asked Comey to stop the investigation. That is inappropriate, but so is Bill Clinton getting the AG's plane to "talk about his grandchildren."

What all of this has done is make me realize a few things even more than I already knew. We need term limits. There is no difference between Rs and Ds. The media is nothing but propaganda. Sadly, Im almost to the point where all hope is lost with regard to our government. It really is time to just wait and see how bad it gets.

Chief Instructor said...

Adam, I don't know if you saw the video of Comey's sworn testimony given on May 3 where he unequivocally said he's never been asked to stop an investigation. The supposed Trump request happened before his sworn testimony. Well THAT'S inconvenient!

To your bigger point, yep D's and R's are two sides of the same coin, each with their own set of special interest groups. The money just gets funneled to different groups depending on who's in office.

This whole healthcare joke is the perfect example of why our national economy will eventully crash. Barry got it in, and started giving shit away. You can NEVER take shit back. Once something has been given away, it somehow becomes a right instead of a privilege. Try and stop the giveaways, and the pictures of babies dying and women weeping and old ladies being pushed over cliffs in their wheelchairs start getting 24/7 airtime from CNN, et al, and the supposed conservatives just cave in.

Rinse and repeat.

We're screwed, will be broke in my lifetime, and the civil unrest will be unlike anything we've seen since the Civil War. See Venezuela for a small snapshot of what's coming.