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Monday, September 5, 2016

What's This Alt-Right Stuff?

So I'm hearing all of this buzz about the "Alt-Right".  A little snip here, a blurb there.  Suddenly, it's everywhere after Hillary goes off on Trump and his ties to the Alt-Right.

I'm thinkin', "If Hillary's soiling her Depends over this, I gotta get me a slice of that!"

So I go to site after site trying to get a clue as to what it is.  When the Tea Party came about, it was pretty clear cut - smaller government, less public spending, less intrusion into our lives by TPTB,

With this Alt Right, it's different.  Some truly were racist-based - spouting white racial supremacy like the NAACP does for blacks, and La Raza does for Latinos.

I'll take a pass, thank you very much.

Racial supremacy ideology is bull shit.  "I'm better than you because of the color of my skin."  Supremacy in life is dependent upon exploiting your natural God-given talents, and applying effort and actions.  

In broad strokes, each race has been given certain innate advantages - be they math, athletics, management, engineering, etc.  To deny this is as foolish as thinking that just because you're of a certain race, you'll be successful at a give task.  Waste those natural talents through lack of effort, and see how well you do in life.

Any-hoooo, I found a site that came thiiiiiisssssss close to getting me to say I was an Alt-Right.  Literally right up to the end.

Here are their criteria -

People Are Different.  Amen to that, brother!  The America I want actually celebrates and encourages that belief.  We all get an equal bite at the apple, but our effort and talents are what separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Left wants us to believe we're all the same, thus we should all have the same outcome in life.  This is Socialism/Communism 101.  We're NOT THE SAME!  Our efforts are what differentiate us.

Our World Is Tribal.  Oh hell yes.  There is a huge difference between when a racial tribe discriminates against another racial tribe simply because of the color of their skin, and when a racial tribe wants to primarily associate with their own tribe.

This tribal association is primal.  You doubt that?  Go to any prison in America and see how the races choose to associate.

Again, the Left wants to force feed racial integration.  How's that working out?  It's not.  People will choose with whom they will associate, government mandates be damned.

Ironically, it is the Left that plays the Identity Politics game - telling each different tribe what they'll do just for that tribe.

Now, for a stir of the racial pot, most races seem to play well with others.  The biggest exception is blacks.  In the big picture, they clash with everyone else.

Why?  Here's something to consider:  Normative Commons.  I'd never heard about it until a few weeks ago, but it's an idea worth considering (the article is long, but well worth your time).
Black males are notoriously prone to violent crime. 6-7% of the population in the US is composed of black males, yet they make up 50% or more of the perpetrators of violent crime, depending on the crime. In 85% of inter-racial violence between whites and blacks, the black is the aggressor.
Not every black person is a violent criminal and I am not trying to claim that. However, a much larger percentage of the black population is composed of violent criminals than any other racial group. So how should a rational person respond to this undeniable fact?
So, is acknowledging that blacks in general are more prone to violence a racist statement, or is it a recognition of reality?  For me, it's the latter.  Call me a racist if you will, and I'll tell you to pull your head out of your ass.  Now we're even.

Our (the white) Tribe Is Being Suppressed.  Far fetched?  Try starting up the National Association for the Advancement of White People, or the United Caucasian College Fund, or the White Panthers and see how long it takes for you to be labeled as a hate group.  Hell, the phrase, "ALL Lives Matter" got trashed as racist, simply because it included whites.

Kiss my ass.  Now, I don't play identity politics, but I won't be shamed because of my race - I had no choice in the matter!  And as I've noted before, how could anyone be PROUD of their race?  What did they DO to become black, white or brown?  Nothing.  It's nothing more than an excuse of a personal failure when someone has to pull out their Race Card.

If you've been discriminated against because of your race (or gender or whatever), DO SOMETHING and sue the bastard.  Otherwise, stop your whining and shut the hell up.

Men Are Not Women and Women Are Not Men.  I'll now give you reason to call me a sexist in addition to being a racist.

Genetically, and thus historically, men provided primary sustenance and security, and women gave birth to, and nurtured the children, and provided secondary sustenance.  Up until the late 1950's, women weren't prohibited from having a career, and men weren't prohibited from raising the kids, but it wasn't the norm.

Since this change in roles - where everyone works and families (if they exist) don't have as many kids - we've seen a general true economic decline in America.  When I say "true economic decline", I'm talking about the country as a whole.  On the surface, everyone is fat and happy, but it's all funded by debt.  And debt kills.

No?  That big ol' pile of National Debt, if divvied up between all 330 million people in this country, would result in a bill of over $60,000.  Each.  Every man, woman and child.  Cash and credit card payment not accepted - sorry!

As more and more people belly up to the Social Security, Disability, Welfare, et al, bar, AND fewer tax payers are being born to American women, more money must be borrowed and more tax payers must be introduced from outside of the system.

Both political parties understand that the socialist state that is now America can't continue to exist - let alone thrive - if we don't import more bodies.  The problem lies with the standards for admission being lessened or ignored.

It's gotten to the point where if you can steam a mirror, you're allowed in.  The idea of  "assimilation" - becoming American and embracing OUR culture - is racist, nasty and just not discussed in polite company.

It's a joke.  When voting material are required to be printed in a language other than English - and speaking English is a requirement for citizenship - you know you're in trouble.

This was a long way around to the Unintended Consequences punchline.  Everyone working sounds like a great idea.  Like it or not, in practice, it's helped (but is NOT solely responsible) for undercutting The American Way Of Life.

Alt-Righters are pissed.

Freedom Is A Responsibility And Not A Right.  This is HUGE.  Government can't make you free.  In fact, history has shown that it usually attempts to restrict your rights to serve ITS needs.  Your right to benefit fully from your labor, or the guaranteed natural right to protect your life and property, come first to mind.

The Rule Of Law - the idea that all laws are applied equally to all people - is a core concept of American life.  When we see the elites being treated differently, it is incumbent on us take responsibility to change the system, by force if necessary.  Hell, that's how this country was founded (American civics is also a requirement for citizenship - what a joke that is).

See, "Animal Farm" (video, 1+ hour and worth every second) and the phrase of, "Some animals are more equal than others."

If We Must Be A Democratic Society, The Franchise Should Be Limited.  This is perhaps the key concept that has led to the demise of the American way of life.  It was summed up nicely by Benjamin Franklin -
When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.
In my opinion, the only people that should be able to vote on tax matters are those that would be required to pay the tax.  Anyone who buys stuff should be able to vote on sales taxes.  Car taxes voted on my car owners, property taxes by property owners, income taxes by those that earn income.

If there's not enough money to go around, cut some of the programs that are "going around".

Yeah, I know, racist, sexist and elitist.  Bite me.

"But, but, but Chief!  Think of the children!"  I do.  My children.  Your kids are your responsibility.  People - kids and adults alike - that "fall through the cracks" will be helped by private charities.  They ALWAYS have been.

It's amazing how many people are able to find a job when they don't have a free meal ticket available from government services.

Along these lines, we've got our representatives out there representing us.  We see that all they do is vote to increase our various taxes and levies, and spend, spend, spend.  Think about it:  We give them the power to tax AND to spend.  What the hell is wrong with us?  That's like putting a cocaine addict in charge of production AND distribution.  It won't end well.

I don't know how to even propose it, but my new state of Nevada uses part-time representatives.  They meet every other year for 4 months.

That's it.

Unless there is a special session ordered by the governor or 2/3 of the legislature, if it's not done in 120 days, it ain't gettin' done.

They get a salary for the first 60 days of their session, and get a per diem for every day they are working, including days after the legislative session while they're doing state work.

My state representative is a retired law enforcement officer and business owner.  He happens to live in my new city.  My state senator is a rancher in the "off season" of government.

No full-time, line-your-pockets state legislature.  Quite different from my former home state of Kalifornia, where - much like the federal government - you go in middle class, and come out rich.  Funny how that works, huh?

How do we do this on the federal level?  I know, I know, it's a bigger kettle of fish, but for God's sake, the way we're doing it now just isn't working.  It'll never change, but it could be changed in YOUR state.....


And then there's this:

Jewish elites are opposed to our entire program.  Ya lost me there, boys.  It sounds like the Race Baiter's from the other side.

If this is a core belief of the Alt-Right, count me out.

And I've got to say, when reading a number of the comments on the article, there was a lot of crap on racial purity.

I'm good with the over all nationalistic message most of these sites support.  It's why they (and I) support Trump's, "Make America Great Again" message.

But when you start with the "keep the races pure" bullshit, you lose me.  I judge you - and choose to associate with you - by your actions, not something over which you have no control, like your race.

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Unknown said...

Right there with you.

The Alt-Right as describe by Milo Yiannopoulous (a self-describe Alt-Right Faggot and Troll) are in his words - Shit Lords. They troll media and say things that point out the stupidity and hypocrisy of today's pundits. He thinks most of the white supremacy/racial purity stuff is just trolling for a reaction because they think it's hilarious. I hope he's correct but I suspect in some cases he's not.

While I find the notion of race to be interesting and yes there are some statistically significant racial traits that can be examined when you're talking about a population in total. I don't think it's racist to point out statistically significant traits in various races. Applying them to an individual is...problematic.

For the most part, it's better to just ignore them. People are people - you are what you do - not what you wish you'd done, not what you say you're going to do -- You are what you actually do.

Unknown said...

Followup - For a slightly different take - try this one

Lumping all the alt-right people together is a bit like trying to lump libertarians together. Not Libertarians (Capital L) but the lower case L libertarian - the one's most likely to have a good time arguing with our founding fathers. What's the difference? How seriously do you take your labels? When a label becomes an identity you're in trouble. Libertarians, Alt-Right, Democrats, Socialists, Marxists, Conservatives - doesn't much matter. But when the label is just a convenient shorthand for a place to start? Then it works; just don't read too much into it.

I have a horrible time labeling my politics - sort of libertarian/conservative/alt-right/anarchist. Why? I differentiate between what I believe would be ideal what reality. The ideal would be anarchy - but we don't live in an ideal world with ideal anarchists, which makes the idea more than just a little problematic. Same thing with Libertarianism or Alt-Right.

Utopias are for useful idiots - anyone's utopia - except maybe the reclusive hermit on the private island.

Wilbur Hassenfus said...

Are you saying there's no "elites"? Or if there are, that none of them are Jews? Or that OK, duh, there's elites, and not a few have those triple parentheses hovering around their ears -- but some of those parenthised-elites *do* agree with some of the alt-right's views?

I mean, what are you disagreeing with there? Just the faint aroma of anti-semitism? ("anti-semitransparent" insists my iPhone -- problem solved!)

Frankly I don't think *any* "elites" agree with us on anything at all, parenthetical or not.

I've known a bunch of Jews, dated a few, etc., and there's a very consistent sort of... what I call "ethno-narcissism". Not 100%, but remarkably common. They're "us" and you're not and it's in very poor taste not to agree that they're just a bit more important than other people. As I said, not 100%: my friend (((Scott))) couldn't think that way if he tried. It's just not in him. I know some exceptions to the rules you mentioned about black people, too, and I'm damned if won't treat them as the individuals they are. That doesn't mean I have any illusions about what the *average* black man in West Philly is like. Bigotry, if anything objectionable, is a refusal to admit it when the guy standing in front of you breaks the mold. No doubt there's a sober, unsentimental, level-headed Irishman somewhere. But we're a godforsaken, priest-ridden, histrionic race on the whole, God have mercy on us.

It's very damn common for Jews, in my experience, to evaluate everything on the "is it good for the Jews" axis, and to be genuinely shocked if you don't do the same.

I'm not a big fan of that stuff. Look out for your own, sure; but let me hear no wailing when I look out for mine.

Mind you, I don't trust anybody else in power, either.

If this is anti-semitism, sticks and stones may break my bones and all that.

Chief Instructor said...

Richard - Your statement about not applying stereotypes to individuals is how I try to live. The way you act is how you're treated by me.

Regarding label, when in a pinch, I call myself a small-L libertarian. I'm on board with most positions, but am light years away with regards to open borders.

Wilbur - I didn't even brush up against saying there are no elites. Don't know where you got that. My position is this: I've seen nothing to indicate there are "anti-white" or "anti-American" Jewish groups - and if there are they are small splinter groups. Nothing like Black Lives Matters, or NAACP, or La Raza, etc.

The ADL would be the closest type of group, but their focus is in shooting down anti-antisemitism, not promoting Jewishness. At least that's my take.

Back to my point in the post: The way it was stated, "Jewish elites are opposed to our entire program" reeks of BLM whining. "I'm failing because of Jewwwwwwsssss!" Give some facts, and some wide-spread examples of Jewish elites ganging up on America, and I'll give it a listen.

Wilbur Hassenfus said...

I wasn't suggesting that you think there are no elites. I was asking which part(s) of "Jewish elites oppose our entire program" had lost you. I then said "duh, of course there are elites". Because of course there are; therefore that can't be what you were objecting to about it. Maybe I tried to get a little too rhetorically clever for a blog comment, and didn't very effectively express what I intended to.

I should have just said: "What part of that sentence do you disagree with?"

The fact that there aren't any formally organized groups of elite Jews opposed to "our" program is neither here nor there; he didn't say anything about that opposition being a formal priority of any organized groups. The SPLC might do but they're not formally Jewish.

I didn't think he meant "powerful sinister Jews are actively plotting against the alt-right"; if he did mean to say that, I agree that'd be nuts. As a long-time VD reader, I thought he meant something different: more or less like "powerful Jews pursue their own and/or Jewish interests, consistently at the expense of ours". If more diversity makes America better for the Jews, well, it makes America worse for me. I don't expect Jews to care if it makes America worse for me.

By ordinary standards, both views are Like Literally Hitler, but from where I sit they differ a lot. Ethnocentrism, among a group proudly known for it, makes more sense than an organized conspiracy of shadowy elites directed at a loose aggregation of Internet shitposters.

One thing I've found with people in general is that if you let them think narcissistically, they go right ahead, as they get to feel pretty entitled about it.

I see what you mean about the BLM whining, certainly.