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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Leftists Just Don't Get It

I see and read things at times, and it just makes me shake my head.

I'm a big believer and proponent of freedom of thought and speech.  I'm truly one of those guys that will defend your right to free speech, regardless of how stupid I think your ideas may be.

This article I read in ("Let’s nationalize Amazon and Google: Publicly funded technology built Big Tech") is one such example of stupid ideas.  And not thinking.

Right out of the chute:
They’re huge, they’re ruthless, and they touch every aspect of our daily lives. Corporations like Amazon and Google keep expanding their reach and their power. Despite a history of abuses, so far the Justice Department has declined to take antitrust actions against them. But there’s another solution.

Is it time to manage and regulate these companies as public utilities?
 It goes downhill after that.

The crux of this soft-head's argument is that these companies became so successful, AND because the government invented the Internet, they could not have become what they are WITHOUT the Internet.

Since they're so big, and bad, and mean - and because everyone uses them daily - they must become regulated like power and water companies.  We The People paid for the government, ergo, we should reap the rewards of these companies.

What the hell?

Just like all leftists/socialists/Marxists, the author wants to punish the success of these companies by making them public properties.  They owe us.

And since, in their minds, they should own the companies, the companies should kneel to their every wish.
But what is equally striking about these moves is the corporations’ disregard for basic customer service. Because YouTube’s dominance of the video market is so large, Google is confident that even frustrated music fans have nowhere to go. Amazon is so confident of its dominance that it retaliated against Hachette by removing order buttons when a Hachette book came up (which users must find maddening) and lied about the availability of Hachette books when a customer attempts to order one. It also altered its search process for recommendations to freeze out Hachette books and direct users to non-Hachette authors.
The concept of, "taking your business elsewhere" is foreign to them.  Even when one of their own discusses it.  From the very next paragraph in the story:
Amazon even suggested its customers use other vendors if they’re unhappy, a move that my Salon colleague Andrew Leonard described as “nothing short of amazing – and troubling.”

David Stratfield of the New York Times asked, “When does discouragement become misrepresentation?” One logical answer: When you tell customers a product isn’t available, even though it is, or rig your sales mechanism to prevent customers from choosing the item they want.
What a bunch of entitled, self-centered cry babies.  Seriously.

But in their world, if THEY don't want to take responsibility for themselves and play by the rules, they take YOUR ball and go home.

 This is the same crap peddled by your president.  The whole, "you didn't build that" philosophy of public ownership of everything.

That's called Communism, kids.

So what would be the result if these soft heads at Salon and in DC get their way?  Innovation will die.  The very next day.  Dead as a doornail.

Why would you voluntarily risk your capital, time, expertise and wisdom, only to have the product of your efforts given to others who took no such risks?

If the socialists think it sucks that "unpatriotic" US corporations are rushing for the doors to set up their headquarters in other countries, they ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Everyone with any kind of innovative thought or entrepreneurial inclination would create an exodus of intellectual talent unseen in modern history.

It would leave the remaining Communist hold-outs with a functioning system - that would collapse in short order because there would be no one left to build a better mouse trap.  They'll have to buy their innovations, and that doesn't come cheaply.

Especially when you've got nothing to sell in return.

Think of the Middle East.  They peaked around the 13th century, and haven't had a technological innovation since then.  OK, they invented the water pipe and marching bands (WTF?) in the 16th century.  But still.

Oil save their collective asses (which they could never have extracted without our technological innovation) so they could buy their way into the 20th century.

What are the commie eco-freaks going to sell?  Pottery?  No, that injures Mother Earth.  Coal?  You should be slapped for even thinking it.  Their good looks?  I ain't even gonna go there.  Lumber?  Minerals?  Fracked gas and oil?  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAPPITY-SLAP!!

The only thing they've got to sell is wet blankets, and I for one, ain't buying.

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Unknown said...

About Amazon. - You might check out this

There's an article in the Guardian from 2014/jun/04 called The War on Amazon is Big Publishing's 1% moment. What about other writers. Now, I almost never read what the guardian comes up with but, this wasn't entirely screwed up.

I find it hilarious that the Lefties are supporting the 1% with out even knowing they're doing it.

Chief Instructor said...

Very cool link. Big, bad Amazon is making money for MILLIONS of writers and other small business owners.

What a horrible, horrible thing.

That ass at Salon probably couldn't get his own work bought by anyone on Amazon - cuz it sucked - and he's got to call for Amazon's head.

Commie's are like that.

Unknown said...

Oddly enough - they'd be happy to publish his work. They just don't do advances or promise sales :)