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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday WTF?

The First Lady Arrives in China
So I'm driving to a business meeting, and hear on the radio that the First Lady is heading off for a trip to China.  OK, I didn't know Barry was on his way to see the Great Wall, and I'm good with the family members - even the kids - tagging along for the ride.

Seriously.  We're already paying a ton of bucks, and adding family members to the trip is no big deal.

The reporter on the radio then indicated that's not what's happening.  Michelle is going solo.  Actually, she's also taking her mom and kids.  WTF?

Immediately, I have a number of things gush into my consciousness:

  • How much is this going to set us back?  Who is paying for this?  
  • I'm sure it's us, do we always pay for vacations of First Ladies who want to literally travel around the world with their daughters and mother?
  • I'm sure there will be some "cover story" about why this visit is so urgent, but just like when I worked for big corporations, did anyone suggest a Skype or GoToMeeting get together to save a couple of bucks?
  • Where are the Occupy [fill in the blank] soft-heads, protesting about how the elites in our government are pissing away tax dollars when they could instead be given to them for new underwear and a upgraded bong?
I swear, all of that went through my mind.... with the exception of the welfare underwear and bong .  That was just bonus material for you guys.

I get home, warm up the interwebs and grab the first Google News article.  

Seriously, when does the revolution start?

The link was to Yahoo, who carried an AP story titled, "First Lady ready to push education on China visit."

So that answers one of the questions.  The cover story - the horsecrap being used to plaster over the fact that we're sending an unelected person, plus her mom, daughters and entourage on vacation - is the ever-so-important issue of education.  Could you be a bit more vague?  Is the First Socialist there to give or get the education?  

Maybe the Chinese are giving all emerging socialist states free refresher courses.  I dunno.  The article didn't say.

I dig a bit into the story, and laugh.  Out loud.
The first lady is scheduled to address American and Chinese students at Peking University on Saturday about the importance of study abroad...
Let me get this straight:  She's going to tell the American students - that have already seen the benefits of studying abroad all by themselves - that there's a benefit to studying abroad.

She couldn't have sent them an email?  Really?
She'll also hold a virtual session with American students around the world.
"I need a clean-up on Aisle 5.  Looks like another brain exploded."

She's traveling to China at great public expense and no public purpose.  And when she gets there, she's going to have a GoToMeeting session with Americans around the world.

This is surreal.
The trip also will allow the first lady to make up for the fact that she opted to stay in Washington rather than meet with her Chinese counterpart in California last year.
Oh.  Well, then.  Disregard all of the snide remarks.  I didn't realize we owed her one.  My bad.



ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC rushed photographers to Zuccotti Park - the site of the famous Occupy Wall Street movement which spread to small towns and big cities across the nation in a wave of unity against the social and economic inequality in our country.

This stunning photo captures the soul... the very essence of the anger these people feel towards this unmitigated waste of taxpayer dollars -

Shhhh... let's not wake them.  More news at 11.  Back to you, Chip and Juanita....

Quit yer bitchin'...

And then ya die.  I'm sure it's the first of many...

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