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Friday, February 7, 2014

February Public Service Announcement

Fact:  Each year, approximately 13,000 Americans die as a result of murder.  The primarily tools of death were firearms, knives/ cutting instruments, and "personal weapons" (hands, feet, fists, etc.), in that order.
--Source:  Federal Bureau of Investigation - Expanded Homicide Data Table

Fact:  Each year, approximately 300,000 Americans die as a result of obesity.  The primary tools of death were spoons, forks and bowls, in that order.
--Source:  Surgeon General Of The United States, Overweight and Obesity: Health Consequences

Banning guns from responsible citizens is as effective in stopping murders as banning spoons from responsible citizens is in stopping obesity. 

In both instances, shouldn't our efforts be directed towards the individual with the tool, and not towards the tool itself?

Still, if we're going to ban something, shouldn't we start with spoons?  They certainly kill a lot more people.  Including kids -

If we can save only one child, isn't a ban on spoons worth it?
 Untrained, irresponsible use of spoons can lead to sudden "brain freeze" and death -

Careful!  It's loaded...
 All we are asking for is reasonable spoon control laws.  Stop the insanity! -

Why would you ever need more than one spoon?
Large capacity spoons?  They're just a disaster in the making -

Think of the carnage that would occur in your frozen treats aisle.

We now return you to your Matlock Marathon...

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