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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deadly Words

[Last week, I lost a friend and part-time employee, Leslie Pinkston.  Actually, she was taken - murdered in cold blood while she sat in her car.  I've put off writing about this because I have a "24-hour rule".  When I'm pissed off at something, I try and wait 24 hours to let the anger subside so I can look at - and react to - whatever happened more clearly.  I gave it a little bit more time.  The anger hasn't subsided.]

"There was a criminal protective order in place in the case."

On Monday, November 18, 2013, Leslie Pinkston was gunned down [link] around 9:30 in the morning as she sat in her SUV.  Her killer is a former boyfriend who had been arrested for a whole litany of domestic violence charges.

He was released from jail on November 15th, and Leslie was dead three days later on November 18th.

When I read the, "protective order" comment by the local District Attorney, I damned near puked.

How do the gun-grabbers - which includes the police, the sheriff's department, the DA and the state legislature - think Leslie should have responded to these threats?  Hold up the protective order to her murderer, and say, "Back off, asshole!  I've got the law on my side!"

I keep reading these stories on her murder, and the commentors all talk about the criminal justice system, and how animals like this should not be let out, and blah, blah, blah.  They basically want the government to be responsible for their personal safety.

That's impossible.

I wish Leslie had broken California law and kept a loaded gun with her at all times.  This guy was stalking her, threatening her, and had a record of violence.  I wish she'd said, "Go to hell, state of California!  I'm going to protect myself."

If she had made that choice - to illegally carry a loaded gun without the permission of the state - and was then caught doing so, she'd be convicted as a felon.  She would then be stripped of her right to legally purchase or possess a gun anywhere in the country.

Let that sink in:  Her affirmative act of acquiring and possessing the means to save her own life would have instead resulted in her forfeiting her liberty.

Leslie followed the letter of the law, and ended up dead.

Her county - Yolo - is one of the many "no-issue" counties in California that requires you to be threatened before they will consider allowing you to exercise your second amendment rights to self-defense.  They don't have to allow you, but they'll consider it.


I don't give a damn about interpretations for public safety.  I don't give a damn about being reasonable.  I don't give a damn that guns make some people nervous.  I don't give a damn about well-reasoned debate.

From a societal perspective, what I give a damn is about precedence.  The legal concept that a law is in effect until it is overturned or new law is written.  Well, the last time I looked, the second amendment has not  been legally altered since its ratification on December 15, 1791.  If you want to change that, the ONLY way you can do that is to get a constitutional amendment passed that grants these infringement powers to the state.

From a personal perspective, if that ever happens, then I, too, can be a criminal, because you'll never take away my chosen method of exercising my God-given right to self-defense.

California's gun laws are the number one reason why my wife and I are leaving this state (taxes and nanny state-isms are close seconds).  I'll try to, "color inside the lines" for as long as I can, but I'll NEVER place myself or my family in mortal danger because of some unconstitutional bastardization of the second amendment.

What I've read about this maggot is that he's very self-centered.  I pray with every fiber of my being that when he's finally cornered, his vanity and cockiness get the best of him, he resists arrest and is chopped down by multiple 165 grain hollow point .40 caliber pistol rounds.

My second-best alternative is that he return to the town of Winters, Ca.,  where he killed Leslie.  I believe it will be his last visit.  Anywhere.

Rest in peace, my friend.

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Chris said...

This is such a sad story. Incidents like this are so much more common than mass shootings, yet the impact that mass shootings have are felt so much more than a single female with no way to defend herself. Maybe having a gun wouldn't have made a difference, but at least she would possibly have had a chance. I remember getting my kids out of the car in the library parking lot and some guy starts walking over from the bus stop. He stopped and started making comments about me and my children. He wasn't nasty, just creepy. I didn't invite conversation so he moved on. There was no one else in that parking lot that I could see. What could I possibly have done to protect myself and my children if he'd been inclined to do something? It's very scary.

Adam said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

Unfortunately a protective order will never actually protect you. The only thing it'll do is give the police a tool to do something by him violating it. But it requires him to violate it first, and hopefully it isn't a violation like this one.

Only you can protect yourself. And the gun laws are a big reason why I live where I live. I agree with your points about California acting in contradiction to the US Constitution.

Richard Blaine said...

I wish I had something to say that could help. Sorry just doesn't seem like enough.

Life terrifies Progressives, decisions, responsibility, it's all just too much like growing up, they want nothing to do with it. So, fantasy land is what they vote for - the fantasy of security, of control, of happiness - Miserable bunch of useful idiots.

There is only one viable response to living in CA, leaving. It's a cesspit. They may talking about keeping animals like that locked up, but when it comes down to it, they always seem to find a reason to let them out, with a smile on their faces.

Sadly I think WA is heading that way, Seattle wags the dog here and they just elected a card carrying socialist, who thinks rent control is a good idea, to the city council. Look for a serious increase in slums in Seattle if she gets her way.