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Monday, September 2, 2013

Some Projects For You To Labor Upon

Happy Labor Day, by the way....

Maybe a couple of these ideas found at will click in your head as a way to make a couple of bucks on your way to developing a second stream of income, or to help your preps be more productive or and less costly.

This is a great example of using a bit of elbow grease and only a little bit of money to seriously upgrade and improve an existing pile of crap.

This smoker went from this $5 garage sale find:

To this - dare I say - smokin' work of art:

Think you could make a couple of bucks selling this?

If you've got some welding skills and a bit of artistic flare, this Instructable details how to turn a bit of square tubing and flagstone into some remarkable - and unique - tables.

Based on the information in the Instructable, the materials for this table cost less than $50.  That's an easy $500 table, and some of them online go for north of a thousand bucks.

Perhaps you're like me and you work with wood.  So make an oak base!

On the prepper's side, one of the big contributors to Instructables is this guy named the King Of Random.  This guy is unreal.  He has posts on everything from homemade stuff that goes 'boom' to a post like this that shows you how to very easily make a water pump from PVC pipe.

Finally, this last one is a big time saver for those of you with gardens.  Many of you may already know of this trick, but it's a new one to me.

Get your seeds to sprout faster  - as in overnight - by abusing them!

Using a technique called, "scarification", you remove part of the seed hull before you apply water for them to sprout -

He claims he gets a 60% overnight success rate....

Now, get a-laborin'!

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