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Monday, July 15, 2013

Death By Political Correctness, Part 2

As much as the media and race-baiter organizations try to convince the country that the Zimmerman trial wasn't about race, everyone knows that's the ONLY reason he was tried.  I have yet to see one single trial in this country where a black man shot and killed another black man in self-defense.  If they ARE happening, why aren't they getting the same mega-focus by the media?

Because of race.  Period, end of story.

The media and race baiters continue to paint blacks as victims, regardless of how their actions influenced events.  He was a nice boy.  He was out buying Skittles.  He just wanted a better life.

Look at this article in a local newspaper.  First of all, notice the headline:  "Victim of fatal Vacaville police shooting identified."  Victim?  Really?  First he robs a Walmart, then this son of a bitch tried - twice - to run over officers with his car.  They shot and killed him in self-defense.

And he's a victim?  Sound more like it was Darwin's Natural Selection at work.  He proved he was too stupid to live in a civilized society.

Secondly - and I think more importantly than the press going all PC - was one of the comments to the article.  Some woman started up with the whole Trayvon-like, "he was such a nice boy" crap.
he was a good young man .. young with a full life ahead and two daughters and a family and plenty of people that loved him.., he made a dumb mistake but that was no reason for him to lose his freaking life. police saying he had previous charges so they "protected themselves" they were not in danger ... since when did police get to play the role of god and take another life? ... jail would of been the solution NOT death... im heartbroken i loved this man and he despite his dumb decisions being young and crazy he was intelligent and full of life... people are mourning and grieving over this tragedy especially his little girls... we miss you lonnie ! justice NEEDS to be served... gone but NEVER forgotten Destiny Davis
It's just like the Zimmerman Media Lynching.  This Lonnie character is painted as the victim for no reason other than he's a young black male (news footage showing his image here) and the person who took his life is not.

Lonnie had people that loved him, he had a full life ahead of him, he made a teeny-tiny mistake, had two little girls that loved him, and the poster is heart broken over the loss.

How is ANY of that relevant?  He made a really, really bad choice.  Like Lonnie, Trayvon made some poor choices himself.  He attacked a man in a park, and died because of that poor decision.  His past - be it as a choir boy or a low-down OG - don't mean a damned thing.  His past sins or successes, and his future dreams and aspirations don't count for spit.  Zimmerman didn't ask him for his resume or rap sheet before he defended himself.

What matters is what Trayvon DID at the moment he decided to attack Zimmerman.

Here's the take-home point:  If you allow these media portrayals to influence your self-defense decisions, you will end up harmed or dead.  Political Correctness MUST NOT be part of the equation as to whether you choose to defend yourself or not.

In one of my self-defense classes, I ask my students to answer these two questions:
1.  Am I prepared to harm, permanently injure or kill another human being to save my life or the life of another human being? 
2.  Am I prepared to tolerate the judgment of my family, friends and neighbors if I harm, permanently injure or kill another human being in self-defense?
I probably need to rephrase that last question to include, "tolerate my friends, family, neighbors and an anti-gun, racially biased press if I harm..."

This is not a minor point.  I tell my students that you must get your head screwed on tight BEFORE you're in a self-defense situation.  You must honestly ask yourself if you're willing to take "the heat" for defending yourself, regardless of how legally justified your actions may be.  Expect to be arrested even if a bad guy with a gun, knife and taser is found dead inside your baby daughter's bedroom.  If you resist at this point, you lose.

Let the police do their job of investigating the crime, and you should go home free.  Should.

In general, self-defense laws - even those in gun-restricted states such as California - allow you to defend yourself if you believe your life, or the life of another person, is in imminent danger of receiving bodily harm.

The race of the attacker MUST NOT be a part of your shoot/don't shoot calculus.  The actions of the attacker are your single point of focus.

This is a key point:  During the Zimmerman/Martin trial, a number of Talking Heads kept saying that the injuries Zimmerman endured did not justify him taking Martin's life.  Every state law I've read say that you must be IN FEAR of physical harm, not that you must first endure it before defending yourself.

One Talking Head I watched was belittling Zimmerman for only getting a broken nose, and a couple of scratches on his head.  "You get worse from a playground tussle."  His implication being that you should have to endure an ass-whipping before you can shoot someone in self-defense.

I'd ask, How do you know when you've reached that point?  Just before you pass out?  After you've got one broken nose and a swollen-shut eye, or must both eyes already be swollen?  Maybe a couple of elbow strikes to the temple?

What this moron either didn't know - or because he is trying to perpetuate the current climate of political correctness - is that nearly 6% of all murders are committed by people using no additional weapon.  No bat, no knife, no nuthin'.  They murder someone with their bare hands and feet (link to FBI crime stats).

You know, like in that playground fist fight.  Except we're not talking about kids pulling hair.  We're talking about individuals able to deliver mortal blows.  This Talking Head piece of crap thinks you should willingly put your life at risk because some scumbag decided to beat up on you.

Kiss my ass.  And the ass of the people I'll defend.

Accept The Challenge

As we've seen with the Zimmerman trial, it can get ugly very fast.  His former life as, 'just some dude,' is over.  His relationships with his employer, family, friends and neighbors are changed forever.

But he's alive.

The maggot that caused Zimmerman's life to be forever changed is gone, but his actions will likely be felt for some time to come.  The DOJ will most likely bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman (WTF?), and other lawsuits may follow later.

Everyone worth their racist salt will be bellying up to the bar to further their racist creds, and show their constituencies how much they care.  And remind them how more money should be sent to their organization to make sure this never happens again.

Hmm.  Seems like we've been down this Victimhood Road before - like one of those endless loop tapes.

Make your decision now.  What's more important?  Your life, or your lifestyle?

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