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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mouth-Breathin' Dumbasses

 I'm losing my patience.

I am so friggin' tired of seeing story after story on issue after issue where no modicum of common sense is present.  It seems as though there is no attempt whatsoever to challenge a single word from this administration on virtually any subject.

If they say it, it's gospel, and common sense be damned, we're going to perpetuate the administration's position.  Worse yet, is that when our mouth-breathing population is polled on these subjects, they fall in line with the administration, with a compliant, "yup".

No questions.  No challenges.  No nothing.  "If David Gregory says it's so, well, it must be right."

There are a handful of us who write and read and bitch about what's going on, but most folks can't be bothered to even scratch the surface of these issues facing our country.

Reasonable gun control, drones being used on Americans, "Sequestering" shutting down the government, and just general economic common sense.

"Reasonable" guns control, for instance.  Barry took a pile of crap ideas, flung them against the wall, and it looks like Universal Background Checks and Large Capacity Magazines might be sticking to the wall.

Here is a grammar school-level conversation that every American should be having with themselves on the background checks:
Hey, doing a background check for people that want guns sounds very reasonable.

Why?  What will it accomplish?

Well, by closing the Gun Show Loophole and the Private Sale Loophole, guns won't end up in the hands of criminals.  That's a good thing.

Really?  Criminals, by definition, don't follow the rules.  If one were to be stupid enough to go through the check and be rejected, what do you think they'd do?

Uhm, they'd probably steal one or buy one from another criminal.

Correct.  So, how does performing background checks on law abiding citizens keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

Uhhh.  It wouldn't.

Correct, again.  Oh, and by the way, since this issue is being brought up because of the recent mass murders by insane criminals, how many of those mass murderers failed a background check?

I dunno.

Not one of them.  Placing restrictive laws that will only be followed by the law abiding citizen does nothing to stop criminals.  Still think the Universal Background Check will make anyone safer?

[Crickets chirping]
No matter.  The dumbasses in Congress will pass this law because it feels good.  Makes it look like they're tough on crime, and compassionate towards crime victims, all in one fell swoop.

In reality, they're just pandering mouth-breathin' dumbasses.


All of these types of laws and statutes and regulations are ultimately for one thing, and one thing only:  Control.  Control of your actions, movement and earnings - reinforcing the idea that you must ask permission of the government to proceed with your life.
I need permission to drive.

I need permission to open a business.

I need permission to carry a concealed weapon.

I need permission to put an addition on my home.

I need permission to ingest certain drugs.
 Tell me how, if I were to ignore any of these laws, would society be harmed?

It wouldn't be.  If by my actions while doing one of these things, I infringed upon the rights of another citizen, THEN I would be justly punished by society.

To reinforce the supremacy of our supposed civil "servants",
I must subject myself to invasive physical searches by the government to fly on a supposedly private airline, though no probable cause warranting the search exists.

My vehicle may be stopped and I can be questioned at checkpoints when I have not exhibited any indications of illegal activity.

If their life is taken during the course of their employment, the penalty for their murder is more severe than the penalty for taking my life while I'm at my job.

The lives of their children are more valuable than the lives of my children, as many of their children attend schools with tax payer-funded armed protection.  My children are afforded no such protection. 
With the mere accusation - not conviction - of certain crimes, I can have my assets seized and sold, and the proceeds are given to The State. 
My home can be stormed by para-military tactical police squads for non-violent criminal accusations.
 And most people are A-OK with this egregious conduct.  They've swallowed the Koolaid administered at our Government Schools decade after decade.  "The government wouldn't do this if it wasn't the right thing to do!" bleat the sheep.

They've got their government cheese, or perhaps are just comfortable and don't want to rock the boat.  Either way, things aren't so bad.

"What's the big deal with a couple of extra rules?  As long as the government keeps us safe from the boogie man du jour, or keeps food in our bellies and a roof over our heads, complying is no great inconvenience."

And therein lies the problem for the rest of us.

Accept The Challenge

How do you prepare for your future when society has this mindset - this desire - to be compliant with unjust and unconstitutional laws and regulations?  The assets you've acquired from your labors are not yours if the government thinks otherwise.  "Fair Share" laws - frighteningly similar to those in Atlas Shrugged - require that all get an equal share of the pie, regardless of past and present effort or lifestyle choices.

If you've got more than the next guy, that's just not fair, and you need to give some of yours away.  By force, if necessary.  Our government has done it in the past with gold seizures, is doing it now with high taxation, and is eyeing your retirement accounts like a hyena ogles a newborn gazelle.

And know with every fiber of your being that "Whisleblower" laws will be extended to place a bounty on the head of folks that scoff at future Anti-hoarding, Anti-gold and Anti-gun laws.

So, what do you do?  The long and short of it is:  You've got to hide your shit.  And not all in one place.

For instance, if you're eligible (or will be) for SSI, you need to ensure your other "outside income" is below levels considered sufficient to survive.  SSI will be "means tested" in the future.  Guaranteed.  No other way for the government to even consider keeping up appearances.

Unless you really want to live in poverty, you need to have other easily disposed of assets available.  Long-term food stores, farmland, precious metals, skills with which you can barter for other goods and services, ammunition, weapons, quality tools.

Multiple caches in multiple locations.

You must also keep your head down and mouth shut.  Claiming poverty then buying a new car every other year is going to set off the BS meter with the authorities, and the jig will be up.  Chat up your hefty silver stash, and rest assured you'll soon be making a donation to the state.

Get out there right now and develop some productive skills.  If Nanny is able to take all of your stuff, you can re-build.  Learn how to brew, how to distill, how to forge metal, how to weld, how to repair engines, how to sew clothes, how to plant a garden, how to load ammo, how to split logs - whatever.

Assets can be seized, skills cannot.

And learn how to cut a deal.  Negotiating starts with information.  What does the other guy really want?  For instance, someone selling a home you want may not be willing to budge an inch on the price.  Most folks would assume that meant the seller didn't really want to sell.  If you asked him why he's selling, you may find that he's just tired of the upkeep and property taxes, and the money is just going into the bank so he can draw an income from the interest.

You can offer to pay him his full price, as long as he carries the loan and accepts a small down payment.  Win win.  He gets some cash in hand, interest income and no property headaches, and you get the property.

In the previous post about canning the grapefruit juice, my employee looked at the bushels of grapefruit on his property as a nuisance.  He was thankful for me to take them off his hands.  I sweetened the pot by giving him a pint of the juice as further thanks and so he'll think of me when he's got more fruit.  We both benefited from the transaction.

Be creative.  Be tenacious.  Be consistent in your efforts.

Now go on - get to work on your very private future - mouth-breathin' dumbasses be damned!

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Oblio13 said...

We have über-liberal neighbors who are hosting anti-gun events at their house. They invited us to one. (I went, carrying concealed, of course.) I bend over backwards to stay on good terms with them, as I do with all my neighbors, but I warn my wife to be very careful what she tells them: The day is not far away when people like them will be turning people like us in to the authorities. And they'll feel patriotic and righteous while they're doing it.

Chief Instructor said...

Oblio, keeping my piehole shut is my biggest problem. After our last move, I've purposely been polite but distant with our neighbors. As I've got a good deal of preps in our garage, I have stuff now rearranged so that all you can see when the door is open is the "normal" stuff. Some camping equipment, etc. None of the food, fuel, or other preps are visible unless you're invited in. And no one ever is invited!

Yeah, when it hits the fan, we preppers will be looted like stores hit by flash mobs, or will have our goods "repatriated" by the state and their rats - all for the common good.

Low profile is a HUGE key for our success.