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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Post Traumatic Stupidity Syndrome

[H/t to Bruce Schneier of Crypto-Gram fame for introducing me to this term - which dates back to 2001]

 Post Traumatic Stupidity Syndrome (PTSS) - the over-reaction to a disaster or significant event with actions which provide little or no resolution to the event.  Nor do they prevent future occurrences of the event.  Most often, the actions that are taken are nothing short of excuses for the expansion of government into our lives, and/or a usurpation of our rights. 

The kicker is, most of the time, most of the American public gratefully accepts and supports these actions.  "You're not free if you're dead," is a common refrain.  They willingly trade freedom for safety.

At his Monday press conference, Obama used the tried-and-true, "If it only saves one child's life, it's worth doing," when talking about his upcoming assault on our gun rights.

PTSS has people lapping this up.

In my lifetime, I can think of only one of these disasters that resulted in a positive outcome to society:  The 1991 Luby's Massacre in Texas.  As a direct result of that shooting, Texas citizens got a shall-issue concealed carry permit law enacted.

Texans recognized that crazy bastards exist, and that the only way to stop their rein of terror is to put them down - quickly - like the rabid dogs they are.  Texans codified their God-given, natural right to self-defense.

In 1993, Californians faced a similar opportunity as a result of the 101 California Street shooting.  This state took the opposite tack - instituting draconian and ineffective "assault weapon" bans.

Texas believes in personal freedom.  California believes in government control.  The two decades since these two states acted have told an interesting tale.  Texas is a thriving, vibrant, safe economic powerhouse.  California - which has seen a massive migration of its citizens to.... Texas - is a shell of its former self.  We've become a crime-ridden, oozing pustule that has squandered our bountiful natural and human resources.  We're the well deserved laughingstock of the nation.

Tomorrow, I expect Obama to act much as California has acted in the past.  He will use the power of Executive Orders to make it more difficult for us non-insane mass murderers to protect ourselves.  He will also use his bully pulpit to pressure congress to pass additional draconian and ineffective laws towards the same ends.  He may or may not succeed in the latter pursuit.

No one in the compliant media will "do the math" and ask whether any of these new restrictions or laws would have stopped or slowed the insane shooter at Sandy Hook.

They won't ask why judges, politicians, bureaucrats and movie stars rate high enough for armed protection, but our children do not.

They won't note that from first shot to first responder was a 20 minute window.  He had approximately 1 minute per kill, so he could have accomplished his head count with a muzzle loader rifle. 

Or a spear. 

Or a sword. 

Or a crossbow. 

Or a lacrosse stick. 

Or a tire iron.

We can only be thankful that the shooter, upon entering the Government Mandated Hunting Preserve For The Criminally Insane - also known as 'Gun Free Zones' - was as incompetent with firearms as he was mentally ill.

The only thing that could have saved the lives of those children would have been having armed citizens on campus.  Police, guards or CCW holders.

It is the only thing that will prevent such massacres from occurring in the future. 

Yes, we MUST examine our mental health system - very carefully - to come up with a way to identify these lunatics, but that is a long-term project.  Right now, we need to protect our children.

No matter.  Post Traumatic Stupidity Syndrome will carry the day.  And America will be less safe.  And, I fear, more kids will die.

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