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Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tragedies Must End'

Thank you, Mr. President, thank you.

Thank you for recognizing that there are sick, unstable, homicidal citizens among us - crazy bastards that will slaughter children for some perceived injustice.

Thank you for having the courage to propose laws that will reverse this insane trend of disarming the good, decent citizens among us.

Thank you for proposing a reversal of laws - such as the one in Connecticut [link] - that specifically bans the most effective means of self-defense - firearms - from government institutions that house our most vulnerable and defenseless citizens... our children while they are in school.

Thank you for understanding that establishing "Gun Free Zones" is like laying out a Welcome mat for criminals and the criminally insane.  You've seen with your own eyes that these tragedies don't occur at places known to have firearms, such as police stations, firing ranges and gun shops.

Thank you for instructing your Attorney General to sue states that enact laws which are in direct conflict with the second amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed does not have a qualifying statement excluding certain government facilities, such as our schools.

Thank you for recognizing that if the selfless, heroic principal at the school had not been prohibited by law from coming to the rescue of her students with a 12-gauge shotgun instead of unarmed, the carnage inflicted in Connecticut would have been significantly reduced.  We could be celebrating her heroism with a parade instead of mourning her death with a funeral procession.

Thank you for screaming at the top of your lungs that if there had been more guns present at the school - in the hands of properly trained teachers - instead of none, this horrible tragedy visited upon us by an insane person might have never happened.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for using your Bully Pulpit to drill it into our nation's thick head that our current laws contributed to the scope of this tragedy.  Instead of 27 dead teachers and students, we'd have one dead guy at the gates of the school.

Indeed, these "Tragedies must end".  You have it in your power to influence legislation that reverses the disarmament of the vast majority of US citizens, while doing nothing to take guns from the hands of the mentally ill among us.  You've seen how states that have enacted, 'Shall Issue' or 'Constitutional Carry' laws have all seen decreases in violent crime.  Without exception.

Good luck, Mr. President, in doing the right thing, and getting our current unreasonable gun laws overturned so that tragedies such as this are never visited upon our nation again..

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Crustyrusty said...

The sarcasm... it burns...

Chief Instructor said...

LOL, yeah. The sad thing is, they WILL get some additional restrictions passed through. The Republicans will cave to political pressure. At the very minimum, they'll get a restriction on hi-cap magazines.

And it will do nothing to make any citizen one lick safer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr POS, for having the courage to not target Americans with missiles just because you think they are terrorists like Mr Awlaki.

Adam said...

Notice how this doesn't happen in Israel where most everyone has a gun and carries them everywhere.

Here is a legit question: What would the response be if this were four foreign terrorists instead of one mentally insane individual?

I'd bet money they wouldn't be talking about our gun laws, but would be talking about how to arm people to protect our schools.

There is no doubt this was an act of terrorism. Our "leadership" will not call it that.

I agree there WILL be more gun control laws passed as soon as they can do it. They will tarnish anyone who votes against it. I do not have the faith in the Republican leadership to stand against it and can only hope it will not be too bad.

Maybe that's why ammo, magazines and guns are being bought up by the truckload.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, amen to that.

Adam, you make a hell of a point. Why is a man who makes silver "dollars" (Liberty Dollars) called a domestic terrorist, but a psycho who shoots up a military base shouting Islamic jibberish involved in "workplace violence"? That's probably how they'll end up categorizing the CT tragedy.

I believe I know why, but it's a bit too paranoid, so I'll just keep it to myself for now.

RE: ammo and mags - looks like my Christmas list!