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Monday, September 3, 2012

See? I Told You So!

Gawd, it becomes tiring - almost - being right all of the time.  Such a burden would crush a lesser man.  It is only because of my modest and humble demeanor that I am able to walk among "common folk" and carry on my life's work....

Well, and predicting this stuff is about as difficult as getting a welfare recipient to accept more money.

About a week ago, I uttered these immortal words ("Social Impotence") -
Where am I going with this?  I've once again realized that resistance IS futile.  The borg is here to stay.

Don't take that as a defeatist attitude.  It's not.  It's pragmatic.  The inertia of our growing government - federal, state and local - cannot be stopped.  Too many special interests, including the government itself, rely on the existence of big government.  Those of us who cherish personal liberty have become socially impotent.  There is nothing we can do to change our nation's course.
I went on to say that I've pissed away enough time ranting and raving about government - all for naught - and my subsequent posts would focus on practical solutions to minimize the impact of Big Bro.

True dat.  Still I must admit that I just can't keep my piehole shut about government abuse and expansion.  It's my meth, so to speak, and I gotsta have it.  So, I'll work the ranting into the prepping.

Oh look!  Here's an example all ready.  And one that fits the quotation above.  Ain't that convenient?

I happened to plop my butt down in my chair while the Republican Coronation was on the tube.  The Talking Head on Fox had wet himself over the fact that Romney was getting close to the number of delegates he needed to wrap up the ticket.  I decided to watch until the toe-curling climax.

Some lady up on stage would mention the state, and the number of votes they had.  A representative from the state would give a Chamber Of Commerce blurb about their great state and say how their votes were cast.  Another lady up on stage would then repeat the number of votes cast.  BUT only those cast for Romney.

I'm like, "WTF?  Why are they only mentioning The Mittster?"

So I decided to pay a little closer attention.  For instance, when they got to Maine, the first lady on the podium noted that they had something like 23 votes.  The person from the state then yammered on, and proudly announced that, "Two votes go to the next president of the United States, Mitt Romney!"  The other lady on stage said (very Stepford Wife-ish, btw), "Romney:  Two votes".

I'm thinking, "Uhm, what about the other 90% of the votes cast by their state?  Who got those?"

During the Coronation, per party rules, a group of five states submitted the paperwork necessary for Ron Paul to be included in the vote.  The old-school Repubs didn't like that, so they shut it down.  They changed the rules - in mid-stream - so that 8 states had to submit the paperwork -
According to the chairman of the Nevada delegation, Wayne Terhune, his state, along with at least four others, submitted nomination papers for Paul on Tuesday afternoon. He said current party rules require that five states submit nominating papers in order for a candidate's name to be placed in nomination.
Think about what happened here.  We're not talking about Democrats trying to change the Republican party, we're talking about insiders getting the shaft.  The folks chosen to select their candidate for their friggin' party to go up against Barry!

Whether you love him or hate him, Ron Paul is all about small government and fiscal responsibility.  Romney toes the party line.

And we've seen what the party line has gotten us.

Accept The Challenge

Plain and simple:  If you want to change the national politics in America you must vote for a third party.  Until the Dems and Repubs feel the fear of losing control, they have no incentive to change.  Quite the opposite.

"But Chief, it will just give the election to Barry by drawing votes away from Romney."  Eh.  Maybe, BUT SO WHAT?  Like having The Mittster in charge will make any difference.

"But, but, the Supreme Court.  Yeah, the Supreme Court.  Those appointments are forever.  We'll be doomed if the liberals take a majority."

Uh, perhaps you haven't been paying attention.  Dubya's boy, Chief Justice John Roberts - conservative constitutionalist extraordinaire - just saddled us with the "It's A Tax - No It's Not - Yes It Is" Obamacare.

Or maybe you were referring to the conservative justice appointed by Dubya's daddy - David Souter.  As wikipedia notes -
Souter sat on both the Rehnquist and Roberts courts, and came to vote reliably with the court's liberal members.
You remember Dave, right?  He voted "aye" on the Kelo v. New London case which said that taking your privately owned property and giving it to another private party was consistent with the original intent of the eminent domain provision of the fifth amendment.

Or perhaps you're confusing him with Justice Anthony Kennedy - a rah rah Reagan appointee - who ALSO voted for Kelo.  In fact, he was the swing vote that gave the win to the land-grabbers.

If the government wants your shit, they'll just take it.  And Republican appointees won't get in the way.  They know who butters their bread.

It seems as though if a case has to do with taking your wealth - via taxes forcing you to buy health insurance, or via the outright theft of your real property so your local public officials can earn more money - those Republican, "small government" types fall right in line with the Libs.

You can close your eyes, and wish really, really hard that the Republicans will change.  This time will be different.  But they won't change.  You can click your heels together, chanting, "I want to go home.  I want to go home."  But when you sneak a peek, you'll still be in Oz.

We need to change the political environment, and voting for "the lesser of two evils" is insane.  They're the "equal of two evils".  The Dems will bleed us financially, and the Repubs will bleed our liberty.  Same destination, different paths.

One last thing to think about:  Look how a local issue - a city using eminent domain on a piece of local property - opened the door for more Marxist "ALL the land belongs to The People" legalities across the nation.  As I noted in my Social Impotent piece, vote and act locally.  Don't let the Marxist bastards get a toehold in your community.

One more one last thing:  If you're a Dem/socialist/Marxist who likes the whole idea of giving away land and cash, why don't you start at home?  Literally put your money where your mouth is.  Write a damned check to Uncle Sam.  If you think a 75% tax rate is a great thing, DO IT!

And sending money to a private charity doesn't count.  If you're more than just a mouth-breathing, platitude-spewing piece of crap, you'll send a check to the federal government for everything in excess of 25% of your income.

Then give your home and land to the federal government with the stipulation that you get to live there, just like the welfare rats get to stay in the public housing we're all paying for.

I'm not holding my breath, mouth breather...

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Anonymous said...

One of the purposes of the convention is to rally the party behind a single candidate. There were factions who wanted to disrupt the convention and prevent the cohesion simply because their candidate was unable to get enough votes to even make them worth counting. The plan was to make Romney "pay" for not bowing to thier guy and if it meant giving away the elction to Obama then who cares. So the leadership decided to not let them throw their tantrum on national TV and take away from the purpose of the convention. What do you and other Ron Paul supporters think would happen if you spit in the face of the party at their own convention? What were you expecting that Ron Paul would get the nomination? Bwahaha!

Chief Instructor said...

I'm happy as hell the Repubs did what they did. The result will be more defections from their party.

It was really a master's class on how to consolidate and retain power. "Rules? We don't need to follow no stinkin' rules!"

This kind of behavior disgusts many Americans. I'm guessing you're not one of them.

GunRights4US said...

I have NO faith in the party of the dead elephant. In fact - I have have no faith in ANY politician; period. My faith for the future is fully vested in God, my family, and my rifle. All will eventually be settled according to His will anyway.

Chief Instructor said...

Guns, amen to that - all of it. With so few exceptions, we see decent people go into politics and come out rich and corrupt.

Pearls said...

It annoys me to no end when people think that our political system has the Dems on the left and the GOP on the right when they are really 2 sides of the same coin. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Anarchy and a little to the left of Anarchy is Liberty where the Founders sit.... You have to keep traveling to the left to finally get to that 2 sided coin of Dem/Gop.

People its Big Govt and Little Govt - those are the 2 sides....

And I caught that snide move at the podium too - and I really think I could have punched that woman too - or at least mussed her up a little bit...

Anonymous said...

You are happy about "more defections from their party." Thank you for confirming my point. Ron Paul supporters intended to sabotage the Republicans out of anger for not enough people voting for their guy. A classic example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Are you clueless about Obama and his plans for America? Do you really think it makes no difference who wins? While I agree that most politicians are politicians first and not to be trusted and will not put the citizens first. I do not agree that Romney is as bad as Obama. Be careful what you wish for.

Chief Instructor said...

Pearls, yep, they're two peas in a pod. I'd have like to seen her a bit mussed up as well.

Anon, Were RP supporters looking to cause a stink? Hell yes. And according to the rules, they were allowed to do so. Just like Reagan was allowed to use the same rules to raise some hell with Ford.

Tell me how Barry's goals differ from Mitt's. More precisely, how Dems differ from Repubs.

Both say they want a strong America. They both have proven they want a strong American government. As in tyranny outside of their Constitutional allowances.

The Dems will spend us to death, although Dubya did a hell of a job showing that Repubs aren't shy with the nation's checkbook.

The Repubs will strip us of every personal liberty - from the USA PARTIOT act, to Homeland Security/TSA to the NDAA - though the Dems signed on and re-upped those abominations as well.

I already discussed the Holy Grail of the Supreme Court and all of those "conservative" appointments.

So I'll ask again: How are they any different? They're the same pig with different shades of lipstick.

Anonymous said...

"How are they any different?"

How many of the Democrats in congress are socialist or communist either openly or clandestinely? By some measure perhaps 85 but based on their words and deeds it could be upwards of 200 or so. How many Republicans are Socialist or communist?? None openly and maybe two based on their words and deeds.

Another major and important difference is that when I was a young man and first got to vote for JFK many Democrats were fairly conservative, even JFK by some measures. Today I don't believe there is a single conservative Democrat in congress, governors or mayors. About half to 3/4ths of Republicans are conservative. And I mean in the traditional way; supporting the constitution, reducing spending and in favor of limiting government and not limiting citizens.

How many Democrats support racism and other forms of discrimination. I cannot think of a single Democrat that does not. Prior to 1960 100% of the Southern governors and congressman were racist Democrats. Today race and discrimination is all you hear from the Democrats. How many Republicans support racism and discrimination? Damned few.

I believe Obama was born in Kenya, raised and mentored by communists. He has not brought this country to the brink of fiscal disaster by accident or through ignorance he intends to destroy us so he can remake us into something else. I do not know a single Republican in office or out of who I could say the same thing. Obama's agenda is not secret to his party and yet not a single Democrat has stood up for America over getting Obama reelected. I truely believe that if Obama were a Republican 90% of elected Republicans would have abandoned him and outed him for the anti-American Manchurian candidate that he is.

I could go on and on but if that is not enough difference for you then I would be wasting my time.

Chief Instructor said...

Both say they want a strong America. They both have proven they want a strong American government. As in tyranny outside of their Constitutional allowances.

Perhaps you missed that, so I give it to you again.

Tyranny is tyrany, whether it's fascism or communism, the result is the same - loss of freedom for us.

And you really think it makes a damned bit of difference whether the bastards in DC are covert or overt regarding their intentions? Really?

How many of your precious Republicans voted for the PATRIOT act and all of its extensions? How many of your precious, freedom-loving Republicans voted for the NDAA? How many of your precious, freedom-loving, fiscally conservative Republicans voted for the increase in the debt ceiling?

Save your partisan rhetoric for someone still drinking the koolaid. Open your eyes. See what they do, not what they say.

Anonymous said...

Socialism, Communism and Fascism are all related political philosophies each is a faction of the primary Socialist philosophy. I assume you were trying to imply that one is left and one is right which is a common mistake by the left wing media.

For you this is all about the patriot act and nothing else matters. Your family, your children your spouse, your parents and siblings can all suffer from what Obama is going to do if reelected but damn it YOU don't like the patriot act so any stupid action you take is justified. On election day you will vote for Paul or not vote at all and the hell with the U.S. and the constitution. Throw your tantrum but tantrums don't reverse legislation.

Romney isn't the best man who will ever be or has ever been elected to public office. Probably the best he will do is be a "place keeper" and at least not allow Obama to make it worse. What we need is a true statesman; a true conservative but he isn't running this time and maybe won't run next time either. What we need now is someone who won't accelerate our destruction until that day comes. I hope it comes and soon but I refuse to throw a tantrum because it isn't going to happen this year and I refuse to vote for Obama just to spite everyone who doesn't agree with me.

This election is close and worse we all know that the Democrats, the Acorn, NAACP, unions and other operatives are busy trying to steal the election in the 4-6 swing states so Obama may well win. What satisfaction will you have then? Yes you and perhaps a million or so people who are angry that Paul isn't in the running can derail the Republicans who aren't after all pure enough for you. So what! Will you really gloat through a decade of the next great depression feeling smug that it serves us all right because we didn't vote for Paul? When your family and my family suffer through what may well be the worst economic disaster in over a century you can stand proudly and proclaim "I voted for Ron Paul". Good luck with that.

Chief Instructor said...

For you this is all about the patriot act and nothing else matters.

Are you sure you're not a liberal? They're the ones that usually have difficulty with their reading and comprehension skills.

In my reply right above your last comments, I gave 3 reasons for not believing a word from the Republicans: Patriot act, NDAA and voting to raise the debt ceiling. Three separate and distinct items.

My family, friends, et al, are going to suffer regardless of who sits in the White House. The "place keeper" Dubya added to the national debt in an amount equal to every president who succeeded him. He gave us the PATRIOT Act. He gave us a war in Iraq - a country which had nothing to do with 9/11 and which posed no threat to us or our way of life.

I'll say it again, because for some reason, it won't sink in with you: We go deeper in the crapper regardless of who is sitting in the White House. The Dems more quickly take us there financially, and the Repubs more quickly take us there by usurping our freedoms.

Nothing you can say, no stomping of your feet or engaging in a spittle producing speech will change what has happened. Suggesting that installing a "place keeper" is the first step in getting this country back on track is laughable. And kinda desperate, quite honestly.

Oh, and the guy who gave MA Romneycare is going to make it all better? He's a pol of the worse kind.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Like the dems under Obama haven't usurped our freedoms? Yes baby Bush is responsible for the Patriot Act and government sponsored gropers the TSA, which is bad enough, but Barry and friends have brought us even further down the path of totalitarianism, or maybe you've missed that in your fury at the repubs? So voting for the communist Obama is not just financial ruin, which is coming regardless of who wins in November, but also continued loss of freedom, which you seem to want to assign all responsibility for this on the repubs. If the dems cared a whit for freedom they wouldn't have elevated a communist to the nation's highest office. Romney is not whom I wanted for a candidate, but I'll be damned if I'll waste a vote on an alternate candidate at this late date and allow Barry back in.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon 5:51 - are you a new anon, or the same one with the reading and comprehension deficit? Or maybe it's just a trait of Water Carrying Republicans.

Let me be painfully clear: I won't be voting for an R or a D who is currently on the presidential ballot. Remember me writing about the "equal of two evils" thing? They're both the same. I'm not going to vote to continue this two member club of the presidency. They've both proven unworthy and destructive to our nation. I'll help them no more.

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