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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slick Barry

King Barry's edict:  It's pretty astounding, actually.  Unilaterally changing our immigration laws.

Obama's Talking Heads are all over the TV today, essentially saying, "Well, Congress wouldn't make the necessary changes to our immigration laws, so we're going to do it all on our own."

Let that sink in.  What's it called when a single person has the power to determine the Law Of The Land?

A Monarchy.

Oh, and to you Democrats/Socialists that are squealing in glee that King Barry has taken this unconstitutional grab of power, what he has really done is set a precedent.  If this doesn't get pushed back, the law will be that any president can make these unconstitutional power grabs as they see fit.  Including when some Republican/Fascist comes to power.

How does King Pat Buchanan grab you?  Or King Donald Trump?  Or King David Duke?

We have a Constitution and a process for a reason...

A question to all citizens and legal residents that are in favor of King Barry's edict:  Do you know of anyone - including yourself - that is unemployed, or under-employed?  Yeah, I thought so.  You do understand that by having more people competing for the same number of jobs, that your chances of getting one goes down?  You get that, right?

On the flip-side, when employers have few or no applicants from which to choose for a given job (i.e., when illegal aliens aren't competing for our jobs) that THE PAY OFFERED TO WORKERS GOES UP.  The whole supply and demand thing.  What?  You didn't have an economics course when you were getting your Ethnic Studies or Applied Communism degree?

Question to people of Hispanic ethnicity that have friends/relatives currently "in the queue" attempting to gain US citizenship:  How do YOU feel about King Barry giving a bunch of people that have not been following the rules, a "You Get To Cut To The Front Of The Line" card?

Uhm, perhaps, screwed, without so much as a peck on the cheek?  Like a slick playboy talkin' sweet and filling you full of promises of wild passion and a go-go lifestyle, his game is hollow.

He just wants to get into your pants, and will say whatever is necessary to get there.

You realize that King Barry is doing this because he wants to buy your votes, right?  But his actions will hurt you directly if you're looking for a new or better job.  If you have kids, they will be competing directly with these law-breakers for jobs.  Directly.  And it hurts your friends and relatives that are following the rules to gain legal residence in our country.

And he wants your vote as a big fat "thank you" for inflicting this pain upon you.

How stupid would you have to be if you gave him what he wants?  Slap his hand off your ass, and tell him to take his weak game somewhere else.

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Barry Obama said...

Great article. As your leader, Slick Barry, I now banish you to be renditioned in Afghanistan or an indefinite stay in Gitmo, which I will never close.

Chief Instructor said...

Yeah, I've told my family I'm guessing I've got a front row seat for the bus to the re-education camp. ;-)

Pearls said...

I am going to totally tell you how to run your blog.... You need the buttons that allow people to tweet and/or FB a post. This one is a hoot and short of copy/pasting the url, there isnt a way to send people here....

I know blogger has got to have a button...

Chief Instructor said...

Pearls, ask and you shall receive! They added the option for those "share" gadgets and I didn't even know it.

Oblio13 said...

Chief, you've gotta have something to say about Obama implicating himself in 'Fast and Furious' by invoking Executive Privilege. I can hardly wait.

Chief Instructor said...

Oblio, quite the corner into which Barry has painted himself, no?

I'm vacationing in Idaho right now, so I don't know if I'll be able to pump enough bile into my system to do justice to the subject.

We'll see. I'm feeling pretty good right now, being in a free state.

Pearls said...

EXCELLENT!!! Of to post!

Thanks :)