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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Darwin, Vegas and Race

How has this guy managed to draw so many breaths on this planet?

This was sent to me by a student from my Pistol Orientation class (I show a video of some bonehead shooting in the class).

Nice touch with the orange hunting vest...

Amazing.  Darwin, paging Mr. Darwin...

For those of you who care, Vegas was a blast.  The usual eating and drinking too much (oy!).

Went to a great show at Planet Hollywood (Vegas: The Show [link]). I think you need to be in your forties or older to know many of the names they tossed around.  Live orchestra, great singing and dancing.  And I'm not a musical kinda guy.  Very good.

We went to Penn and Teller.  Absolutely, positively fantastic.  After the show, they went out into the lobby for a meet-and-greet deal.  Got a picture with Penn.  What a beast!  I'm six-three, and he dwarfed me.

Drove down to the Pawn Stars shop.  Smaller than it looks on TV.  You've got to wait in a line to get in - only about 5 mins.

None of the stars were there.  Here's a pic going from the front door towards the back.

They were way overpriced, but I guess they can get away with it, being a tourist trap and all.  It WAS kinda cool to see.

We also headed out to the desert and shot us a bunch of stuff.  A bit windy, but lots of fun.  We shot my AR15 and one of my 9mm handguns.  I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised at how accurate the 9mm was at long distance.  Got some good information while having fun.

Back to reality.

Does everything have to be about race?  Holy crap.  The show we attended, Vegas:  The Show, was a history of Vegas.  Naturally, they did some stuff about The Rat Pack, which included Sammy Davis, Jr.

They went into this whole, "He couldn't sleep or eat at the hotels where he was working,"  blah, blah, blah.  Seriously - who gives a shit.

What are they expecting the audience to do with that tidbit of information?  Go out and join the NAACP?  Feed and house a short, one-eyed black man as reparations?  Walk around Vegas with our heads hung in shame for something none of us did, caused or supported?  And if someone DID support it, do they think that by bringing it up, the bigot would be miraculously transformed?

What's it been - a half century since this kind of stuff ended?  Are they ever going to give this a rest?

Doubt it.

Race, I believe, is again going to play a big role in the upcoming election (yeah, I know...  big stretch).  Republicans and independents (read:  Tea Party, Ron Paul) will again be painted as racists trying to keep minorities down.  When/if the violence starts in earnest this year, a large component will be racially tinged.

Much will be tied to the ideology pushed by the Occupy movement.  Rich white guys have all the money and the minorities want some for themselves.  It's owed to us.  Whites built this country on the backs of blacks, and expanded by stealing much of the country from the Mexicans.  Time for payback, bitch.  All of this crap that has been espoused by Reverends Jackson, Sharpton and Wright, the compliant media and the "social and economic justice" groups is going to come to a head.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right. My fear is this whole race/class warfare gets out of control and we have another riot like the Rodney King craziness. The left is risking blowing this country up into a race/class war just to get reelected.

Adam said...

I agree. The problem is that once the race/class war is ignited, it won't die out once the election is over in November. It'll continue for a long while.

And to the Darwin guy, wow.

Shy Wolf said...

Darwin... I laffed, but honest to God, where do these people come from? Reminds me of a woman I know,an accident looking for a place to happen. Her husband just shakes his head when he tells us about what she does. Funny as can be, but OMG, does she ever think?
(Why do I feel a blog post coming on?)
Race. Yup, concurr 100%. There's going to be a race war combined with the have's-have not's and it's going to make the War of Northern Aggression look like a Sunday school picnic.

Anonymous said...

What was the war of Northern aggression? Are you talking about that war way back when that began by the South attacking Fort Sumpter?

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, Adam, Shy: There are so many groups that have/are getting that, "I've got nothing left to lose" outlook. 20-somethings with no jobs, various minority groups, oldsters that spent but didn't save, and the whole "dependent class" that has been raised suckling on the teat of various government entities. One little push, and it all goes boom.

Anon 7:56, I'm not going to get into the whole plus and minus gig over the civil war, but suggesting that the South started it by firing on Fort Sumpter, is like saying we started the American Revolution by firing the shots at Concord and Lexington. LOTS of things preceded the violence.

Shy Wolf said...

LOL, Anon- I'm not trying to make a statement as to who did what to whom, just a reference to the numbers killed and the actors within the context. Sorry if I'm confusing you- I'm a Yank who just happens to believe Lincoln startd that fracas, but wasn't meaning to bring that up. ;)