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Monday, April 4, 2011

In through the nose, out through the mouth...

Sorry for the unannounced absence, but I had to decompress a bit from the daily lies and crap in the news.

TARP handing out $3 trillion to non-US entities.  Federal budget "slashing" chest-thumping.  Libya lies. Kinetic Military Operations?  Really?

And have you seen what's going on in Afghanistan with the Florida Koran burning?  The stone-age idiots are calling for the preacher in Florida to be prosecuted.  Our "leaders" are giving credence to these calls.  They say that these actions are putting our soldiers in danger.

What the hell?  Do they really think that the acts of some publicity-seeking preacher are pissing off Afghans more than, oh say, the 100,000-plus troops we have occupying their country?

Or are they just sucking up to Muslims while discussing throwing an American's right to free speech under the bus?

I've got a question for you:  Have you been seeing an increase in the number of cops out giving speeding tickets?  My drive from home to the PM shop is about 60 miles or so each way.  Each day, I see a minimum of 5 or 6 CHPs skulking around blind corners with their radar guns.  It used to be a rarity, now it's rare NOT seeing one.

I'm to the point where I'm wishing that the safety shield on the back of the radar gun has a leak, or the emitter was put in backwards by some trusted union worker.

One of my brothers just got bagged, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get hit.  I will not be a polite and respectful "subject".  I think I'll be more along these lines....

What burns my butt is how this has turned into a grotesque tax collection system.  The ticket costs, say, $30, but after court fees, court security fees, court reporter fees, scratch-my-ass-right-there fees, blah, blah, blah - all costs you pay even if you don't go to court, BTW - you're looking at several hundred dollars per ticket.

Yet no one does anything.

[I consider myself a small-L libertarian.  I'm a jack-boot fiscal conservative and a tree-hugging hippy social liberal]

Traditionally, "conservatives" have been on the side of the police.  I think a part of that has been because conservatives have generally not been "inconvenienced" by the police.  They follow the law.

But a radar gun can't tell if you're a conservative or a liberal.  It just knows the light started flashing, and another revenue hog is ready for the slaughter.  If you're going 1 MPH over the limit, you've broken the law, and the state has the "right" to dig deeply into your pockets.

Traffic laws are much less about public safety than they are about revenue generation.

I think this conservative/LEO "friendship" is slowly but surely beginning to rot away.  It will be interesting to see if this deteriorating relationship will come to a head at the same time the police are handling the upcoming social unrest from the Dependent Class when their hand-outs stop being handed out.

How might they react when both the left and the right are simultaneously tossing rocks and bottles?

I have long recognized that there is nothing I, as an individual, can do to really effect what the pinheads are doing in Washington and Sacramento.  In my town and county - yes - but not statewide or nationally.  I usually point at and mock the actors, and then make plans to minimize the impact on my life.

And that's what I've been doing.  I've got a bunch of posts queued up for this week on plumb gold, silver testing, sprouts and evaporated milk, and the walkie talkie test results.

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suek said...

"They say that these actions are putting our soldiers in danger."

This is undoubtedly true. It doesn't stand alone, of course. What I've heard about the rules of engagement (ROE) has been confusing and if some of them are correct, could be even more endangering to our soldiers.

In any case - my feelings about this are mixed. In my heart, I agree with the pastor, but on the other hand, what's the point? We _do_ have soldiers over there, and causing the natives to get violent while at the same time limiting their ability to defend against civilians - not smart.

As they say...timing is everything.

Shy Wolf said...

That pastor is right on, far as I'm concerned.
I really think Gen. Petraeus has been neglecting the "B" at the beginning of his name and writing a "P". If he wants to piss and moan, how about doing it over something he should have done long ago- the ROE for our troops that allows them to shoot back when fired upon without having to wait for permission from the black god first?
There are cops in our club who shoot IDP and steel with us. Don't get as much interaction with them as I should. My next challenge is to get to know them better, feel out their attitudes.
Those damn nanny state laws are always nailing me. I've given up trying to follow them, so piss on them if they can't take a joke.
Glad you're doing some posts on IDing silver- I'm here today snooping for info on the value differences between silver coinage (numismatic?) and bullion (as opposed to boullion?). Is there that much difference in the value? Your opinion on US coins (pre-64) vs silver rounds/bullion?

Wabprepper said...

Being a long time faithful reader, AND a traffic cop, I ask....

Why is it ok to break the law?

Cause that's what you're doing.

I know where I am, there's not much chance you'd get a ticket unless you're more than 10 mph over the limit. Some areas may vary, but I highly doubt that you'd get tagged for 1 mph over ANYWHERE.

Speed enforcement is second only behind stop sign enforcement for increasing traffic safety. Sure, it generates revenue, but honestly, if someone was speeding in your neighborhood, or past you while changing a tire, wouldn't you want the law enforced (with a little leeway here and there)?

And honestly, I'd seriously recommend against doing anything other than being polite and co-operative when you get stopped, for a couple of reasons. First, the poor guy is just doing his (honest) job. Second, if you are rude, or non-cooperative, the chances of getting a warning, or a break go right out the window. And last, do you really want to risk that you've gotten your area's a-hole loose cannon cop (yeah, I know we always say there's no such thing, but let's be honest)? A polite response may get you a break, and worst case, you did break the law. Face the consequences like the upstanding citizen that you are, and keep supporting the guys who risk their lives EVERY DAY to help keep you safe.

Just my opinion as a libertarian, Oathkeeping, prepper, conservative, friendly, break-giving traffic cop.

Lori said...

So. Those wheat sprouts. Try NOT letting them get long and gangly...just sprout them to about 1/8" and then dehydrate them. Yes, really. THEN you can grind them for sprouted wheat flour. You can freeze the sprouted-dried wheat to grind later OR grind them into flour and freeze that. Either way, whatever you aren't going to use right away needs to go into the freezer so it doesn't spoil. But what you ARE going to use makes a healthier bread product that allows your body to better assimilate the nutrients in the wheat. And you've saved a buck or two in not buying sprouted wheat flour.
I sprout mung beans, mostly, because they're so quick, and really love alfalfa. And no, you won't catch me eating them for breakfast. I won't say never because you don't know when/if, but for now I'm pretty glad I don't have to (although maybe in eggs??).
I appreciate your blog.

Chief Instructor said...

Sue, I look at this as the preacher is an American expressing his opinion. Whether I agree with his sentiments or not is irrelevant, IMO. Same goes for it offending someone, somewhere in the world. We cannot worry that private citizens exercising their rights might PO someone.

If we don't exercise and protect our rights, they go away.

Chief Instructor said...

Shy, I could not agree more about the ROE. How in God's name can we send soldiers into war and not allow them to shoot back when fired upon? Absolutely disgusting.

There are HUGE differences between numismatic (collectible) values and bullion values. I personally love 90% "junk" silver. I think I've noted before that of my PM holdings, 1/3 is gold, 1/3 is 90% silver and 1/3 is other silver (rounds, bars, Eagles, Maple Leafs, etc). I don't mean to say that this distribution is the end all to beat all, but it's what I'm comfortable with. 90% silver gives you one of the best price to spot ratios.

Chief Instructor said...

Wabprepper, I personally have a huge problem with most traffic laws. They punish you without you infringing on the rights of another person. They're pre-emptive - they assume you're going to hurt someone.

I know most folks agree with them, but that doesn't matter to me. Most folks agree with drug laws, DUI checkpoints, USA Patriot Act, RICO, and Federal Firearms laws.

Without exception, I feel they're all unconstitutional.

I believe people will generally make the right decision. With traffic laws, for instance, if it is clear and dry, and traffic is all moving at 80mph, why should that be illegal? Just because some bureaucrat wrote a law saying so?

If an individual is driving 100mph, is swerving in and out of traffic, and causing fellow drivers to take defensive actions to avoid an accident, THEN it makes sense to me that they be cited.

Imminent threat of harm, not one based upon an arbitrary number.

I think I need to do a post on this, as it is much more complex than this brief reply!

Chief Instructor said...

Lori, the wheat sprouts sound like too much work to me ;-)

Tomorrow's post is on my efforts sprouting with lentils and mung beans.

I was at my buddy's house today - the one I helped with the potato planting - and he mentioned that he planted mung beans. His wife is Asian (Filipino) so I'm going to try and get some cooked mung bean recipes. I'll post them is they're any good.

I still can't wrap my head around beans with condensed milk for breakfast, but you never know...

Lori said...

I get the "too much work" idea, absolutely. But! It really is just another shift in thinking, planning ahead. None of it is hard, just takes planning...just like prepping. I just keep doing it to keep myself in practice for the days when we may not be able to get fresh vegetables...those little things really pack a punch.
Lately I'm learning about raw milk...THAT is a whole new skill set for me. I've learned to make yogurt and mozzarella cheese so far. Oh yeah, and "clabber." God help me if I have to eat that stuff, but again, you never know.

Anonymous said...

If a person does not want a speeding ticket .. DON'T speed. Simple as that. And i do think speed limits are warranted and are NOT just a revenue collecting measure. Just ask the person that has lost a loved one to a reckless speeder. Avoiding a speeding ticket is as easy as PAY ATTENTION to the speedodometer and keep your 'peddle off the metal'.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, I'm assuming you agree that our laws are based on our Constitution. One of our core tenants is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Furthermore, if you have not infringed on the rights of another, it is not possible for you to be guilty of a crime.

Yet we have speeding laws. Seatbelt laws. Motorcycle helmet laws. GPS location on your windshield laws. Talking on your cellphone while driving laws. DUI Checkpoint laws.

These all presume that The State knows better than the individual.

I reject that assumption.

We are all punished because at one time, someone did something boneheaded - maybe even killing someone. Hell, that's exactly how we got the grotesquely unconstitutional checkpoint laws. They are a fascists wet dream.

Just because a law is written doesn't mean it's just, let alone Constitutional.

I'd rather be free, and at risk, than safe, but told how to live my life.