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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Maggots of Madison

Hmm.  Things are a bit tense around the globe, huh?  Who's the latest third-world armpit to start with their own flavor of civil unrest?  Is it Libya today or was that Madison, Wisconsin?

I absolutely LOVE the idea of what's going on in Wisconsin.  People are exercising their right to public protest against what they believe to be a wrong committed by their government.  Awesome.

Now, the particulars of Wisconsin make me sick to my stomach. These Cheese-headed maggots (bloated, undulating worms feeding on a dead corpse) are happy to continue munching on your rotting remains as long as their bellies are full.

They have no concept of honor or fidelity.  Didn't they promise, in writing, as part of their employment agreement as public employees - not to strike?

These teachers, in particular, have left their students high-and-dry.  And they have no problem lying about why they're there.  I've seen a number of video clips of doctors walking through the crowds offering a Doctor's Note to the too-ill-to-work teachers.

"I'll make my protest  - and get a day off - but don't want to make any personal sacrifices.  I'll leave a paper-trail so I have yet ANOTHER reason why I can't get fired (such as abandoning my job)."

I hope some Tea Partiers go after these doctors.  As the reporter asks in the video, Isn't this fraud?  And sorry, "Doctor" Cupcake, you don't have any expectation of privacy when you have your "medical consultation" out in public.

BREAKING NEWS!  This just in - the first photos of the missing-in-action Wisconsin Democrat State Senators huddled at an undisclosed location outside of the state.

If you click the image, you can see all of the cheese head hats on the proud, honorable, law-abiding senators...

Answer me this:  If a Tea Party group had commandeered the capital building - for 10 minutes, let alone a week - would they have received this warm-and-fuzzy media treatment?

Right.  There would have been calls for public executions of the "insurgent leaders".  Racism charges would have been rampant (Why?  Just 'cuz they can.).  Eloquent on-air dissertations on how state government has come to a screeching halt because of these hateful, racist, child-endangering, puppy-kicking protesters would have been the norm.

Instead, it's all unicorns and kittens.  They're just standing up for their rights.  Yeah, the right to feast.

One of my favorite sites - The Woodpile Report - has been providing a very succinct bit of advice for the past few months:  Stay Away From Crowds.

Good advice.

This type of protest is going to spread.  Eventually, there will be vocal political resistance, and it's going to morph into violence.

Those that have been feeding at the public trough ("Troughers") are starting to realize that the Gravy Train might be ending.  And they're scared.  Free money, like an addictive drug, is hard to give up.

Those of us that have been screaming about Big Government and the lack of money to continue this government largess have said, "No more!"

If the Troughers win, more of us tax payers will simply stop paying into the system.  There will be more and more blatant disregard for our tax laws.  Starve the Beast.  Income Redistribution must end.

If the Tea Partiers win, the Troughers will resort to what they know best:  Theft (yes, I view "subsidies" of all types as theft).  Like a crack addict without a fix, if they can't get their free money, they'll simply take it.  They, too, will disregard the law.

Accept The Challenge

If you do find yourself in a rough situation - by chance or by choice - be smart.

Video record all you can.  I've mentioned Qik before.  It's a program that takes your video and immediately streams it to an Internet site.  In case your cell/smart phone gets trashed, you've at least got a copy of what happened.

It does have one weakness - if someone grabs your phone, they can delete the video - both the local copy and the online copy.  So..... be sure you have some sort of password protection on your phone.  There are a ton of free apps out there that do this very well.

Be prepared to defend yourself.  No suggestions on how or with what self-defense tools, but don't be a victim.  Understand your local laws, as well as your physical limitations.

Match your defensive tools to your skill-set, or develop new skill-sets.

On a related note, my Introductory firearms class on Saturday was sold out, and had 4 people on the waiting list.  On Sunday, I had a private lesson.  The range where I teach was Standing Room Only:  a 45 minute wait to get one of the shooting bays.

I had a newbee NRA instructor observe the Introductory class.  He'll be observing the next class as well, then I'll have him do one or two of the lessons at the following class.  If he works out, this will allow me to increase the class size (for the classroom portion, I could do a hundred students by myself - it's the on-range portion that requires a lower student-to-instructor ratio).

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's cool that you're talking about this. Check out this video:

"International Anarchists, Socialists and Marxists (Not Average Union Workers) Have a Substance-Fueled Rave While Taking Over Wisconsin State Capitol"

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make any sense for the taxpayers to continue to pay bloated wages to state and local employees. States need to pass a law mandating that no government worker can be paid more then the average pay of the taxpayers in the state. If the average pay in your state is $38k (which is typical) then no state worker can be paid more then $38k. Does it really make sense to tax some poor working bum making $38k into the poorhouse so teachers can earn $78k for 9 months of work? As a working stiff my local, state and federal taxes exceed all my other living expenses. That is my costs for housing, food, transportation, clothing and healthcare are less then my total taxes. This is a disgraceful situation.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon 11:50 - I saw that video earlier. It's Wild and Crazy times when the Socialists, Commies and Unionists get a-drinkin'!

Anon 8:19 - I'd add one other requirements - productivity. If it takes 1 private worker to process X amount of paper, customers or widgets, the government must be held to the same standards.

I go to government offices, and see obscene numbers of people just sitting around, not even trying to look busy.

I may be biased, but I have a special pissed-off-ness with teachers. My wife is a teacher at a local private school. She makes about 20% less than her public school peers.

But, she would never go to the public schools. She has the ability to hold kids accountable for their performance, discipline when necessary, and set expectations.

Many of her friends in public teaching have essentially given up, as their hands are tied and their every action is dictated by the bloated bureaucracy.

They're mouthpieces, not teachers.

Mary said...

What is upsetting about the WI situation is all the outside agitation. If you took everyone out of the crowd who is NOT a WI resident-how big would the crowd be then?

Chief Instructor said...

Mary, yep, the unions are bussing in folks from out of state, and "suggesting" students attend. Where's the press on This? LOL, sorry, I forgot. They're in the bag...