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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Arizona Shooting

I'm looking for the real heroes from this horrible shooting in Arizona.

There has been little information on them - the two people that tackled the shooter.  They're calling the Congresswoman's aide who administered some medical assistance, a 'hero'.  To me, a hero is someone who puts his or her life at jeopardy for the benefit of another person.

The two tacklers met this qualification, not the guy giving medical support.

They must be gun-loving, liberty-loving, non-Democrats.

The gun grabbers will be going nuts over this.  We supporters of the Second Amendment need to be loud and consistent in our response.

This was done by a crazy person.  You can rarely stop crazy persons in their acts.  If every law abiding person in that crowd had been armed, does anyone think that the crazy guy would have shot and killed or injured as many persons as were shot?

No Damned Way.

Remember:  Controlling access to self-defense weapons by law-abiding citizens makes all of us less safe.  The criminals will have their guns.  We law-abiding citizens are kept defenseless by our government.

See how that turned out?  Again.

Look how has reported on this.  When I first quickly read this "development", my first impression was that the gun was in a ready-to-fire condition.  This was due to one simple word:  "Cocked".
The gun, which another bystander had wrestled from the gunman, was empty and cocked open. Federal and state law enforcement sources described it as a 9mm Glock outfitted with an extended magazine.
My brain didn't even see the word "empty" and jumped right to "cocked".  A cocked gun is a potentially dangerous gun.  From
the position into which the cock, or hammer, is brought by being drawn partly or completely back, preparatory to firing.
I then saw the word, "Glock" and my brain said, "whoa!"  For those of you who know about Glocks, they are not able to be cocked in the normal sense of the word.  They don't have an external hammer which you cock.

I went back an re-read the CNN passage, and realized they should have said that the gun was, "empty with the slide locked open indicating it was in a non-shooting condition".

I know, dream on.  That would put into print that this inanimate tool could somehow be in a safe state.  Not allowed... not allowed.

When the press gets some background information on the shooter, I hope they are consistent when they start with their hatch-jobs.  For instance, if he was a "Tea Party" member, and they use the broad brush approach to denigrate all Tea Party members, I hope they do it for all of the items in his background -

He's white.  So all whites need to be rounded up an imprisoned.

He's a male.  All males need to be rounded up and imprisoned.

He's in his 20's.  All twenty-somethings must be rounded up and imprisoned.

He's read Hitler's Mein Kampf.  All fascists must be rounded up and imprisoned.

He's read the Communist Manifesto.  All Communists must be rounded up and imprisoned.

He's from Arizona.  All Arizonans must be rounded up and imprisoned.

Anyone left?

Kiss the large orbs on my backside.

Everyone in the press is wringing their hands saying we must turn down the volume of the rhetoric.  We need some calm, reasoned discourse.

What they mean is that Tea Party/libertarians/Conservatives need to pipe down.  We're scaring the sheeple and inciting the nuts.

Bite me.

There is one way we can be silenced in a very short period of time:  Go through and repeal any unconstitutional laws, regulations and federal departments.  In short, follow the law of our land.

Until then, do not expect us to silence our disagreement and disgust with how our government is run.  Petitioning for Redress Of Grievances is still a part of the Constitution, and we intend to continue exercising that right as long as we can.


That SOB Sheriff of Pima County should be removed from office.  I just watched him on a live news conference and he was asked about AZ concealed carry laws.

He's against them.

He said to the effect he's not in favor of regular ol' citizens being able to carry a self-defense weapon anywhere they wish in the state.  He specifically mentioned schools and colleges.

A couple of follow-up questions might have been asked:

How many law abiding citizens have shot up schools and colleges?

Would your prohibition include police and sheriff deputies in the state as well?  Or are they somehow exempted from his law? 

If so, why?  If it's because of your belief that only LEOs have the ability to protect us, can you absolutely guarantee they will be present at every public event at which a crazy person might attend?

No Duty To Protect

Yeah.... that's what I thought....

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Anonymous said...

Whenever some nut does something like this I find myself hoping they are not part of some legitimate group who will all be blamed in a witch hunt by the MSM. Right now it does not appear that he is but clearly that has not stopped the press from accusing everyone on the right. This knee jerk reaction is shameful and tells you all you need to know about our MSM.

suek said...

The MSM is clearly partisan. Here's a pretty comprehensive list (with photos) of activities of the Left which seem never to be reported:

The problem for the Left is that we're now very aware of the "Never let a crisis go to waste", and the also relevant "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". They pretty much succeeded with McVeigh and Clinton's use of blame placed on Rush and other Right Wing talk show hosts - it isn't likely to work twice.

The silent majority needs to find their voice. I think that's happening, but the Lefties idea that "all opposition (to us) is unacceptable" needs to be opposed. Constantly.

Heh. Word verify is toxiner...
Toxic indeed!

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, at this point in time, all we know is that he posted on his Facebook (or one of those sites) that two of his favorite books were the Commie Manifesto and Mein Kampf. Two books about the benefits of totalitarian forms of government - which could not be further from how most Tea Party folks believe.

But you have the father of the Congresswoman utter something negative about the Tea Party, and the pinhead Sheriff says his garbage, and the MSM goes nuts.

Gawd, I'm so tired of this crap.

Sue, Amazing. I read the news every single day - without exception - and have done so for the past 10 years or so, and at least 3/4 of those items were new to me. Never EVER heard of them.

That in and of itself is stunning to me.

If ANY of those had been perpetrated by any non-leftists, they would have been front page news, above the fold.

suek said...

Here's another list to work on:

(Don't know how these will copy and paste - the first is the link as it appeared today, the rest are linked items on that site, but there isn't a link for the collection - unless I missed it)

1. Flashback: Wanda Sykes Hopes Rush Limbaugh's Kidneys Fail

2. Flashback: People: 'Ashley Judd Targets Sarah Palin for Sport Hunting'

3. Flashback: 'Boondocks' Creator McGruder Calls Condi Rice, Colin Powell Murderers

4. Flashback: Ebert's Site Praises Left-wing Bush Assassination Film

5. Flashback: Kathy Griffin Says 2011 is 16-year-old Willow Palin’s ‘year to go down’

6. Flashback: Alec Baldwin threatens to Stone Henry Hyde, kill children

7. Flashback: Joy Behar wants that 'bitch' Sharron Angle to go 'to hell'

8. Flashback: Aaron Sorkin happy when hunters shoot each other

9. Flashback: Playboy Magazine's Hate-F**k List of Conservative Women

10. Flashback: Montel Williams Urges Michele Bachmann to kill herself

11. Flashback: Perez Hilton Calls Miss California a 'c*nt'

12. Flashback: Jeff Wells Praises metaphor of 'Hobo' film blasting wealthy with shotgun

13. Flashback: Sean Penn Calls Reagan's Alzheimer's 'Justice'

14. Flashback: Rosie O'Donnell Calls bush 'war criminal' who must 'be held accountable'

Anonymous said...

Fox news had one of the tacklers on early Monday morning and yes he was a concealed carry guy.

suek said...

Here's another interesting angle - raising the question of why the shooter was able to buy a gun, in the sense of why didn't he have some sort of record. Politics or personal relationships at work?


Chief Instructor said...

Sue, I've been seeing list after list of how this garbage is just swept under the run when a leftist "has a moment". Always excused.

Anon, I'm not surprised. Both that it was a CCW person and that it has gotten virtually zero MSM press.

The top article is from the BBC. The NY Daily News has an article, then it's mostly blogs and local stations/papers.

These heroes should be getting the press that the Tea Party Conspirators story is getting.