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Monday, November 1, 2010

Worry Warts

What's with all of this terrorist luggage and mail bomb stuff that's all over the news? I saw some graphic showing the path of the bombs from Yemen to Great Britan to Chicago. I think. I'm not paying that much attention.

Are we supposed to be clutching our breasts, trembling in fear that some terrorist is going to pick our house as their next delivery point?  Really?

Or maybe we'll be on the plane that just happens to have a bomb on it that just happens to explode while we just happen to be high in the air?  Has anyone pulled out the old calculator and run the odds on this?

The word, "astronomical" comes to mind.

I'm not worried. Not in the least. I am more worried about price of bread, or gasoline or Jack Daniels than I am about a terrorist bomber.  It is so far down on my list of worries, it hasn't even been numbered.

I worry about stuff which I can reasonably predict.  There's a high likelihood that another earthquake will hit sometime the Bay Area.  There's a high likelihood that inflation will soar.  There's a high likelihood that housing prices will crater even more.  There's a high likelihood that our federal government is beyond repair.

I can make plans for all of these things.

I've only got so much capacity for "worry".  My Worry Index has topped off.  I'm full-up right now.  The airmail bombers are going to have to get in line and wait their turn like everyone else. 

And don't look now, but Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen just cut in line in front of you.

Global "martial law"? A few weeks ago, we got the, "don't go to Europe" warning from the State department.  Lots of "non-specific" terrorist rumblings, and boogie-man-under-the-bed stuff. 

Are they laying the groundwork for, "Well, the terrorist threat is just too big, so - for your protection - we're going to temporarily restrict your rights to movement, guns, food and speech. We're sure you understand it's for your own good."

Is this why we're getting all of this terrorist bomber stuff right before the election?  OK, now THAT'S something I might add to my Worry Index...

The next couple of days will be interesting. The election tomorrow, and the Fed getting together to chat up the devaluation of the dollar (quantitative easing - QE2) on Wednesday.

It seems fairly certain that the R's will take over the House, and have an outside chance of taking over the Senate as well. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that this alone might temporarily strengthen the dollar.
"Adults are now in charge" kind of thinking. "Fiscal responsibility is returning to Washington."

It's dead wrong, but when you put a shiny object in front of most network news-watching Americans, they become mesmerized.

If this does cause the dollar to rise, gold and silver will take a hit. A buy opportunity, I think.

The following day, if the Fed does as planned - and hit us with QE2 - this will trash the dollar, and gold and silver will climb.  A sell or hold opportunity.

And of course, there's always the possibility that everything will be dumped on its head! 

But if logic prevails (how's THAT for a long shot!), precious metals should be rising by the end of this week.  We shall see...

Accept The Challenge

As I noted, the R's will likely win in the House.  D's and their dependent followers might be in for a rude awakening.  Chances are good that we'll have a stalemate between Congress and the White House so nothing new will be added to our burden, at least after the new R's are sworn in.

In early 2011, Congress will need to vote on raising the national debt ceiling.  We'll get to see just how deep the "fiscal conservatism" runs in the new R's.

But that also means it is equally as unlikely that ObamaCare will be scrapped/amended or that the Bush tax cuts will be extended.  Also, during the "lame duck" period between the election and the swearing in, all kinds of crap could be piled on.

For the Californians that wander by here, starting in February of next year, we'll have to be "printed and processed" to buy ammunition, and it will no longer be available to us through the Internet.  Take your dollars out of state - along with the accompanying tax revenues - while you still can.

Bottom line:  For all goods and services you need, get 'em now.  Crunch Time is just around the corner.  We can't yet know if at this time, this devolves into full-blown TSHTF.  But we can be pretty certain about a number of things.

Your taxes will be rising.  Your dollars will be devalued.  You can't change any of this, but you can prepare for it.  Come on, this is what we do!

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