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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buncha Stuff

Did you see this?  Some guy out here in California is selling space in a massive, upscale bomb shelter (how's that for a difficult-to-imagine concept!) -
A company with a doomsday plan is taking money for what it promises will be a comfortable, nuke-proof bunker under the Mojave Desert, with an atrium, gym and jail, and sloppy joes and pearl potatoes on the menu.

Robert Vicino, who runs the Del Mar-based company called Vivos, has collected deposits on half the 132 spaces planned in the 13,000-square-foot bunker in Barstow.
Fifty grand per space, deposits of $5000 for adults and $2500 for kids.  No charge for Fluffy The Cat.

On the face of it, it seems a bit odd, but it might not be so far-fetched.  As long as you could get there before, "the balloon goes up," you'd be a part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Still, it is Barstow.  If you've never been to this part of California, it is hot.  Really hot.  Major league desert.  It's right in the neighborhood of Death Valley, which is the hottest spot in the US.

It looks kind of cool (pun intended) though.  They've got a number of photos and videos on their site.  An idea whose time has come?

I've mentioned that I'm going to be doing an Appleseed rifle shooting course at the end of this month.  I'm getting my 10/22 up-to-snuff with new sights from Tech-Sights (that was a bit of a pain in the butt - changing the front sight in particular) and adding a stud and swivel for the sling.

A buddy of mine purchased a multiple magazine holder for his rifle.  The one he bought holds two magazines.  I have since found them for 2, 3 and 4 magazines (remember here in the People's Republic of California, we're not allowed any magazines that hold more than 10 cartridges).

Here's a link to the two-mag holder.
Here's a link to the three-mag holder.  I'm leaning towards this one.  It seems as though it wouldn't hang down as low as the back-to-back two-mag holder, thus being less of an issue when shooting from the prone position.

Do any of you have any experience with either of these?  Any insights would be appreciated.

How sweet is this?  Arizona is telling LA they had better "play nice" or the lights might go out -
An Arizona utility commissioner said he's willing to pull the plug on Los Angeles if the city goes through with a boycott of his state.

In a letter to the city of LA, a member of Arizona's power commission said he would ask Arizona utility companies to cut off the power supply to Los Angeles. LA gets about 25 percent of its power from Arizona.
Wow.  Consequences for your actions.  What a concept...

Here's a shocker:  We've been lied to.  Again.  It seems that emergency rooms are NOT mostly used by the uninsured -
The results may surprise some who believe that ERs mainly serve uninsured people, says second author Amy Bernstein, chief of the Analytic Studies Branch in the Office of Analysis and Epidemiology for the CDC and the National Center for Health Statistics.

"We were trying to show characteristics of people who use the ER. There are some perceptions. ... A lot of people think it's predominantly used by uninsured people because they don't have a normal source of primary care, but this particular brief shows this is not the case," Bernstein says.
The study doesn't say, but my guess is that they go where the free services are offered - mostly to their county hospitals.

So, it seems that we have ANOTHER reason to scrap the administration's Universal Health Care Plan.  Yeah, like that's gonna happen...

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Joseph said...

The 3 mag holder looks nice but how would it hold up to hitting the dirt if necessary? The 2 mag would at least be able to take the impact and transfer it directly up (but the dirt might jam the lower mag. When you get it please let us know.

Good day.

theotherryan said...

The military has pretty much debunked the whole mag coupling idea. It just doesn't work. If the spare mag is facing the ground it will get banged up or dirty in the prone or while moving. Banged feed lips and dirt equals problems in any rifle. My advice, take the mags you have, lay down on your living room floor and practice reloads with the spare mag sitting by you or in a pouch of some sort.

Chief Instructor said...

Joseph, I picked up the two-mag holders. I'll give them a try. If I have any problems, they just click apart and I can go with just the standard mags.

TOR, Good to know. At least in the pix I've seen, there appears to be enough clearance to keep them out of the dirt, as they only extend below the stock by the height of a mag, plus about a quarter of an inch.

I'm bringing 6 mags with me, so even if I screw up a couple of them, I should have plenty of spares.