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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Thinking Out Loud, Again

A recent poll indicates that a national VAT is opposed by 77% of the people.  That virtually guarantees it will be enacted.

Thousands of Tea Party protests over the past year were attended by millions of people.  Not one incidence of violence started by attendees.  Patriot Day protests are held around the country by gun toting Americans.  The Appleseed Project held over 100 shooting clinics on the same day, and somehow no one ended up being shot.  Yet Tea Partiers are called "domestic terrorists" and "subversive elements," blah, blah, blah.

The Arizona illegal alien law gets passed, and there is violence on the very first day.  Why are the violent protesters given a pass - ["they're just standing up for their rights"] (really!?) - and the people who have actually participated peaceful protests are demonized?

I know the answer.  I just wanted to ask it out loud.  Clearly, I'm a racist for even asking.

Speaking of this AZ law, could someone please tell me what the good citizens of that state SHOULD have done?  The federal government is specifically charged in the Constitution with enforcing our immigration laws.  Like the laws or not, the feds are NOT enforcing them.

The states are saying, Enough! and taking matters into their own hands.  California pays over $4 billion a year to house illegal aliens in our prisons.  Why in the hell isn't my state rounding up a bunch of buses and depositing these criminals to every federal prison in the state?  If they won't take them, those buses should gas up, and head right for the airport.  Load up a bunch of airplanes and fly these federal criminals to the foreign airport of each nationality furthest from our borders, and drop them off.

I know, it will never happen, but I can dream, can't I?

[Post Posting Post Script - I didn't mention in the post that I think the portion of the new law that requires citizens and illegals alike to prove their nationality with only a "reasonable suspicion" of the local police is simply horrible.  It reeks of, "Show me zee papers" of Nazi Germany.  If someone is arrested for a crime, I'm all for a nationality check being conducted as part of a standard background check done to all criminals.

For ICE agents, it's a different story.  If they are conducting a raid, it's based upon a reasonable suspicion that the workers of a business are largely illegal aliens.  Check away.]


I did a post over at California Preppers Network about Ignoring Laws.  In it, I was talking about seeing moonshine being made many years ago -
When I was in college, I met people that made their own distilled spirits. That's also illegal in these United States. The distillers paid taxes on the sugar, water and propane. They paid taxes on the brew pots and the copper used to build their stills.

How can a government tell a person that they can't take raw materials to make a product they can buy in the supermarket?

Well, these distillers weren't listening.
There are thousands of similar laws under which we live. It's all about the same thing:  Government T & C - Taxation and Control.

I've quit playing this game.  How about you?

Preppers item:  Freeze dried coffee (Taster's Choice, etc.).  While it's clearly not as good as fresh brewed coffee, it would sure be nice to have in the event of a situation where you didn't have access to beans, a coffee pot or the other things needed for a nice Cup 'O Joe.

In my recently conducted non-scientific evaluation, it got a 7.5 rating (with fresh brewed getting a 10).  It's going into my long-term preps, for sure.

No, I didn't really do an evaluation, per se.  I made a cup and it didn't get spit into the sink.  Sounds like a 7.5 to me!

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Anonymous said...

If I want to rent a DVD I have to prove who I am and my ability to pay. Everything I do in life requires more proof of identity then our government requires. Try going to Canada and using their health care for free or without proving you are eligible for it.

The real problem is the I-9. I had to bring two acceptable forms of proof of American citizenry just to keep my non-government job. Yet somehow illegals don't!! If I get stopped in my car without a legal license and/or insurance I will pay a fine and may be detained. Yet police everywhere regularly let illegals go without even a ticket because they know it is a waste of time to ticket them.

Chief Instructor said...

Anon, great points. If you are going to be using any government services, you should have to prove you are an American citizen or legal alien. Any single service.

If you are stopped or arrested for breaking the law, you should absolutely be subject to a citizenship/legal alien review if there is any indication you're not here legally.

My problem is with stopping people on the street for no other reason. Now, if you're part of a group standing in the parking lot of Home Depot looking for work, and since it is common knowledge that illegal aliens frequent that parking lot, I think THAT provides probable cause to ask for proof of citizenship.

The most effective way to enforce our immigration laws would to start doing "Perp Walks" of CEOs of businesses that get busted for having illegal aliens. The illegal jobs would dry up immediately.

Anonymous said...

One twist to the coming inevitable amnesty: There are between 10-20 million illegals in the U.S. As I understand the probable wording of the amnesty law on the day it goes into effect all 10-20 million of them can legally apply for and work at ANY job in this country. They would not yet be ful citizens but they would have a special new visa that would allow them to work anywhere. How is that going to affect the millions of teenagers, high school dropouts, minorities, average people, etc. who now have to compete with workers who will do anything for minimum wage. There will be massive unemployment of citizens, your kids, my kids... Right now there are some limitations, some restraints on the jobs they can get. But once that amnesty bill is signed it's a whole new ballgame.

Chief Instructor said...

Exactly. Where are the youth of our country going to get the low paying, entry level jobs where you learn basic skills?

My first job was as a dish washer. That job gave me the incentive to go to college, because I did not want to work that hard for that amount of money. Ironically, both of my sons also started as dish washers as well, and it had a similar affect on them.

Starting life with a crappy job can teach you to aspire for greater things.